Relationship between justice and liberty

With Liberty and Justice For All

The Pledge Of Allegiance in the US ends with the above phrase. As an American I have lost count of the number of times I have recited this phrase. If you are an American how about you? Have you truly thought about these key words and how they define our lives? The relationship between justice and liberty is deeper than what most people realize. The hard truth is that liberty without justice is hollow. It means nothing. Pause and think about it. How can one have liberty without justice?

Let me share with you a short list where your liberty is threatened and rights denied:

  • Theft of any kind, especially Identity Theft
  • Wrongful accusation
  • Wrongful termination from a job
  • Miss-classified as an Independent Contractor
  • Use it or lose it vacation policies
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Unfair traffic ticket

In all these cases one would think that the law would protect you giving you the justice you deserve. We all know that the process of getting justice is not easy. Often we feel helpless when our rights are violated.

I hope you haven’t been in any of the situations I listed above. What if you were? What would you do? Herein lies the problem.

Unless you are a student of law you probably will not know your rights under the law. You could Google it. And if you were able to proves to yourself in that way that your rights were violated what would you do now?

It takes the knowledge of a good lawyer to evaluate your situation and confirm that your rights were violated. And if they were, what options are open to you to get justice. If you are not able to do that for any reason, the biggest being it costs a lot of money to hire a lawyer, your liberty is undermined.

An effective path to equal Justice

can show you the path to get the justice you deserve. There is a way to insulate yourself from having your liberty threatened. And I want to show you that way. All it would take is to contact me and I will help you out. The best solution is to be prepared before your rights are violated so you can take counteraction immediately when the unthinkable happens.

There is something ugly brewing today in our society where some groups of people are openly violating the rights of others. They seem to feel they are above the law and can take matters into their own hands. Sadly it takes a lot of money to pay for lawyers. Wouldn’t you like to have equal access to the law as the wealthy do?

I have discovered there is a way to have that protection. You have a choice.

  • Either go it alone and hope for the best
  • Team up with a local Law Firm who will have your back

This concept may be new to you. And that’s OK. Most people do not know that they can afford this option.

You have the power to place liberty and justice on your side. You may have concerns on how this works. That is why I am here to give you more information. All you have to do is ask. That’s it. Send me a message saying you would like to know more and I will respond promptly!


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  1. Edwin, you are right that in the world we are living today, liberty is being threatened. It does not confine to America alone, it also happened to countries all over the world. Identify theft is one of a biggest concern now especially we are in the Internet era where phishing email is so prevalent.

    I am glad that you are offering helps where helps is needed. Keep up the good job.


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