How To Do Network Marketing Online – Part 1

Are you involved with a Network Marketing Company? Have you followed their systems and struggled? You see the success all around you, or so it appears, and you wonder why is it you are not succeeding? Doesn’t this work by duplicating a successful simple system your company has created? And then teach those you bring into the business to do the same? Let’s get into the nitty gritty of How To Do Network Marketing Online – Part 1. Yes, I shall be going into more detail in Part 2.

How come it works for everyone else but doesn’t work for you?

I have written about How To Make Money With Network Marketing Online. This was intended to be a general approach and did not give the nuts and bolts. In this series of Blogs I am going to reveal some secrets on this subject.

Rather than speaking in general terms, I shall be using my Network Marketing Program as a test case. The principles I will be revealing here will apply to any other company. Let’s begin

What Is Network Marketing? – A Brief Primer

Network Marketing is a business model where products and services are sold through a multilevel network of distributors. In order for the system to work each distributor needs to sell only a few products. As well as recruit others to join their team and do the same.

Each company has a compensation plan to show how commissions are paid out. I shall not be discussing compensation plans since they are all different. The companies can do a much better job in explaining their compensation plans compared to me.

The biggest problem for most was in recruiting effective distributors and then training them to do the same.

What if there was a system where you could build a network of engaged distributors who were able to duplicate what you were doing?

Everything is done online. No need to talk to family and friends. Or talk to strangers and invite them to meetings.

OK Let’s GO! – The Opportunity Phase

How do you do Network Marketing online? Let’s start with the Opportunity Phase. I am going to break the process down into simple steps. I shall state what the step is. Then provide details in subsequent sections. Here is where you learn to develop your website that will attract interested prospects to you. You can then share valuable content about your opportunity

Opportunity Phase

  1. Create your website that will attract traffic.
  2. Include a series of Blogs with valuable information.
  3. Where appropriate add links to your landing page in your Blog. Sparingly!
  4. Give them the option of signing up as a customer or associate.
  5. If they are not ready, provide a form to collect their information.
  6. This information should automatically be entered into an AutoResponder.
  7. Emails are sent spaced several days apart at various intervals and time
  8. More information will be sent progressively, with sign up opportunities.
  9. Once a prospect signs up they are put on a Retention Campaign.

This is just an overview. We shall go into the details, starting in the following Parts. It should be clear that this Blog is intended for those who already want to build a network marketing business online. It is not intended to tell you why that is a good idea. I covered that in my Blog, How To Make Money With Network Marketing Online. 

We will start below with tips on creating your website.

1 – Create Your Website That Will Attract Traffic

Instead of paying a lot of money to purchase leads that may not even be recent, I highly recommend developing your own business building website. Let me introduce you to one of the best kept secrets in town. An Online Business University that you can join for FREE! Click the WEALTHY AFFILIATE Banner below to find out more and enroll for free.

No credit card required!

Here are some critical details about your website. The focus should be on your customers. You need to know what problems they have and how your product or service will solve their problems.

Do not have your company links posted everywhere. In fact, at the beginning, don’t say anything about your company. That will come later when curiosity is peaked and your prospects ask for more information.

In Network Marketing the purpose is not only to market the products or services but also to build your team of associates who like you, want to realize their dreams, by creating a business that pays residual income. Network Marketing can do that for you.

You must figure out who you want to work with. The skill is to be able to use the Internet to help your team mates come to you. Another term for this is called Attraction Marketing.

These questions are addressed with your Blog posts. Create an outline on what topics you want to cover and in the sequence that will give you the best opportunity for success.

When you click this banner you will reach a page where you can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for free. The following image is the Dashboard page of my Wealthy Affiliate website. You will get a similar one.

Notice the titles of the tabs on the left. I will list them below with a little explanation of each.

  1. Dashboard – Here you will find a link to pick up where you left off in your training. You’ll see a constant flow of new members arriving by the hour from all over the world. If you could scroll down further you will arrive at the latest Blogs, Members Questions, Success Stories and more.
  2. Training – Wealthy Affiliate has a training plan on creating an affiliate marketing business that is very apt to find prospects for your Network Marketing business too.
  3. Websites – This link will take you to the website building area. Everything is so well laid out. WordPress is the web building tool that over 30% of the world users. It is very powerful. And you get over 3000 templates to choose from.
  4. Live Events – Every Friday evening Pacific Time, WA conducts a live Webinar on helpful topics on building your business. Typical webinars are on Google Analytics, Google Search Console. Bing Webmaster Tools, YouTube and much more. You can ask questions in real time. If your question is chosen you’ll get an immediate answer.
  5. Research – This is where the magic happens. The Jaaxy Lite Keyword finding tool is worth its weight like in a thousand dollar note! You can do so much more than find Keywords on Jaaxy.
  6. Live Chat – As its name implies, there is a live chat area on the right of the website, 24/7. You can ask questions and receive immediate response.
  7. Help Center – As its name implies, you can use this area to ask for help to some pretty high level individuals!

When you click on the banner below, you will go to a Wealthy Affiliate review where you will find a great overview of the company and how it can help you. There will be sign up links there if you are ready to give it a try for free.

In Part 2 we shall go over the rudiments of Network Marketing. Reasons why old school processes could be bad for you. And the reasons why online marketing methods have a much greater probability for success.

Network Marketing is not for everyone. But if done correctly, the possibilities of significant income are quite high. Affiliate Marketing has great possibilities. But why not over time, create multiple streams of income where you can use the lessons learned for Affiliate Marketing can be used to build a successful Network Marketing business?

In the meantime. I suggest sighing up at Wealthy Affiliate for free and start using the program to create your own website!


13 thoughts on “How To Do Network Marketing Online – Part 1”

  1. I was unaware of sending out automated emails about product information, I will definitely have to look into that one.  So I do have a question about wealthy affiliate, lets say you sign up you create your website then decide you can’t continue through wealthy affiliate…but you’ve taken all that time to create a functional website, can you still access that website?

    • Firstly, thanks for your comments. I am assuming that your website is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. If you cancel your account, or your account gets terminated for lack of payment, you have time to transfer your websites to a new hosting service. If you do that then you can always view your website. If you do not, then you cannot. I have found that the cost to host elsewhere as well as the cost to purchase new domains are far more. Hence I find it very cost effective that the monthly WA subscription is less than $30 when paid annually. 

      I hope this helps! 

  2. Good Morning Edwin,

    With internet marketing mainstream these days your topics offer great information for people looking to try out internet marketing but don’t know where to start.  I like that the topics are relevant to all the different types of internet business and offer good content.  I like that you have incorporated another topic like your legal advise into your information.  As I am new to internet marketing I wont say much on that topic. Great integration of two topics and good information.

    • I truly appreciate your encouraging comments Mark! 

      When I joined Wealthy Affiliate my prime motivation was to learn online techniques to build my network marketing legal services business online. In case you’re interested I’ve included a link to a campaign page of my LegalShield business. When my prospects go there they can watch a video and sign up on the spot if they want to. And if they wish to see more information they can click the appropriate tab below the video. WA is going to provide me with the missing link so that I can do Network Marketing online.

      However, I am learning that in WA, one can create multiple online businesses through affiliate marketing to develop multiple streams of income. It takes time to learn the ropes and execute properly. Working hard and smart, at least a year is necessary to develop earnings monthly. And in four years, one could be earning a six figure income a year. That is better than a four year university course. And with no student loans to pay off. 



  3. Very nice contents you have in this post. Honestly, I have heard a lot about network marketing —both negative and positive,  and I can say that I have tried to get myself involved in it but most times, the trainings from my recruiter is not very broad and explicit so I end up getting confused. I cannot wait to read the other parts of this post because it seems full of potentials. Also, I have created my website with wealthy Affiliate and I can say, its been very helpful for me in making progress to setting myself up as an onlinepreneur. Thanks

    • Ro, I am thrilled that you are finding my Blogs on Network Marketing useful. I agree, I also felt the trainings in my company were confusing. And if I found them confusing, what would the people I brought into the company feel. 

      I though why not make a clear system to do Network Marketing and eliminate the initial talking with family and friends from the equation. That is a sure fire way to ruin friendships. Once one is really successful, then sharing those successes with family and friends makes sense. At first they think you won’t be successful. Once you are, heck they may then want to join your network! 

      So glad that you have created your Wealthy Affiliate website. I hope my Network Marketing Blogs will continue to be helpful to you as I write and publish them. 



      • This is another very good point Edwin – and one I think offers you and I – and anyone else seeking to build multiple streams of income (or what the way I prefer to phrase it – Build Your Own Business Empire) systematically – a profound opportunity.

        That opportunity is your own style, your own systems, and your own ability to communicate, train, coach and mentor others so as to increase the chances of their success.

        In other words – we are all unique – and we each have different experiences and insights as well as our own specific ways of communicating with and training, coaching and mentoring other people – so how well you do that is your greatest opportunity.

        • Hello Mr. Sewell,

          Once again, my apologies for taking so long to respond to your excellent comments. After reading my previous response you will know why I delayed.

          Thanks for your well though out and supportive comments.

          Edwin Bernard

  4. This is a really awesome outline of how to do network marketing online. I love my multi level marketing company. I used their products for over 2 years before deciding to do the business, and I only decided to sell because everyone just knew how much I loved the products, but I am terrible at selling in person. I’m just not a people person. But these steps you’ve laid out here to do the business I’m passionate about online looks so achievable! Thanks so much.

    • Firstly, thanks for your wonderful comments. 

      Josie, go for it. Use whatever online techniques I recommend to build up your network marketing business with the company whose products you love. That will show in your business reviews and stories. 



  5. Thanks for the article on how to do network marketing online. 

    It’s surprising to note that there is a networked system for engaged distributors who are able to duplicate what one does. 

    The astonishing part is;

    No need to talk to family and friends. 

    No need to talk to strangers and invite them to meetings. 

    My questions are :

    Does networking work for all? 

    Is there an age limit for network marketers? 

    • Thanks so much for your comments. I did a double take when I read you name ha! Is Edwin your last or middle name! There is NO age limit for network marketers or for that matter any kind of business. There is often an age init in conventional companies and Government jobs. You can run your own business at any age. I know youngsters who are not in their teens who run successful businesses as well as adults who are way beyond retirement age. So go for it and build your network marketing business online! Glad that my Blogs are of help. 



  6. wealthy affiliate is one of the best network marketing training online, they are thrust worthy company in the business for more than 15 years now. I have been on the platform for 3 months now, I learned a lot and still learning things I couldn’t have done alone. I build my site and started seeing progress day by day.


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