How To Do Network Marketing Online – Part 2

In Part 2, I shall be discussing essential requirements to build a Network Marketing business online. Plus a secret tip that you must follow in order to be successful for the long haul. Problems with old school Network Marketing processes of talking with family and friends and attending endless meetings, will be resolved using online techniques you will learn in this Blog series.

5 Essential Requirements

There are 5 essential requirements to build a successful Online Network Marketing business.

  1. A website that is designed to attract lots of traffic.
  2. Blogs within this website that will provide quality content, and lots of it to your target audience.
  3. Links to one or more selective landing pages where prospects have the option to opt in to receive more information.
  4. A Customer Relationship Manager that results in selling product and/or sign up independent associates.
  5. A system that makes it easy for your new Independent Associates to duplicate this process.

Sounds simple doesn’t it. Maybe. But it is not easy. Most achievements of value are tough and need hard and consistent work. If you are not prepared to do that, there is no point in going further. If you have an open mind and want to see where this is going, please continue. Success is possible if you are willing to learn, apply what you learn and work hard to achieve your goals.

The utilization of the Internet to disrupt industries is expanding. And the same can be said of Network Marketing. Before we proceed I must give you some bad news.

Leveling With You – Some Bad News!

When you are creating an asset, you could be working a long time at it with zero compensation. Analogies would be like building a bricks and mortar business from scratch. Writing a book. Working on your potential hit record in a studio. These are just a few examples.

In fact, the owners or creators of these entities may have to invest in their projects to the tune of thousands of dollars before they have the possibility of seeing any return on their investment.

The same principle applies to building your Network Marketing business online. You must have the attitude of a business owner and not an employee. With one exception. The investment involved is more in time than money. So if you have a business attitude, then there is no reason why you can’t succeed.

Going online levels the playing field. You do not have to persuade or convince people to buy your product or service. Attraction marketing is the main principle in force. After reading your valuable content, and doing their own research, people will want to have what you have and join your Network Marketing company through your website.

When they see how painless that was, they will know what they have to do in order to become successful. Do this enough number of times and voila. You will have a thriving happy network of individuals, so grateful that they found you and your system.

A Critical Component

You must connect with people who first need a product or service your company is marketing. Hence, a critical component to help you find your target audience is to create a lot of high quality content on your website.

Having loads of traffic is one part of the equation. If visitors to your website do not find your content shows them how it can solve a need or problem they have in a cost effective manner, they will leave. Hence, it is your responsibility to create content of value where you take your readers through a journey that opens their eyes and shows them what you are offering will indeed solve their problems or at the very least meet their needs.

This is precisely what we are taught at Wealthy Affiliate. The reason it works is because sales are made to strangers found online. I wonder how many Affiliate Marketers tell their family and friends to shop from their affiliate websites. If you do that please let me know in the comments section below. The secret to Netwoik Marketing is to show people the magic not only of residual income but also how overrides can boost that number too.

I have a question for you. Consider a Real Estate Agency as an example. How do you think the owner of the Agency gets paid? Instead of earning money from 100% of his efforts he earns a percentage of hos agents earnings. Does that bother you?

The same principle applies to Network Marketing. Your earnings are leveraged through the efforts of you and your network.

The Secret

In order to create a network that can sustain itself in the future without your involvement, you must not only have a system that trains the Independent Associate who signs up directly under you, but also trains these individuals how to train their recruits.

Rinse and repeat! 

Just think. If all they did was to duplicate what you taught them and stop, they would not be successful in building their teams. As a result their income will stagnate, And if enough of your team do that, so will yours. Hence, it is critical you train your team and help them to train the individuals they bring into the business.

And it all starts with creating your own website designed to meet the 5 essential requirements that I stated at the beginning of this Blog. With one additional secret requirement. The system and you naturally must train the trainer!

Looking Ahead

In Part 3 I shall be talking about how to use Blogs and Landing Pages specific for Network Marketing. You will find a lot in common with Affiliate Marketing. The sooner you start learning how to build a successful website the better. So if you have not already done so, I urge you to click the banner below and sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for FREE!






Reviews on Legalzoom

Legalzoom advertises its online legal services a great deal. Some may get the impression that this is a free service. In my one of mamy online reviews on Legalzoom I shall identify what services are free and what requires a fee. At the end I shall provide my conclusion of LegaZoom is a good place to go for legal advice or not. And the reasons why either way. In addition, I shall suggest some alternatives so that you have options if you need a low cost way to obtain legal advice for any issue you may have.

You may want to check out the various reasons that having access to lawyers at a low cost can be beneficial to your peace of mind in one of my Blogs; How To Live A Stress Free And A Happy Life In One Way You Never Thought Possible!  

What Exactly Is Legalzoom?

Legalzoom was founded 15 years ago. It’s headquarters are in Glendale, California. It promotes itself as an online legal technology company. Its focus is to service small businesses and middle class families with basic needs. It helps customers create a host of legal documents such as wills and trusts without the need to hire a lawyer.

Their services fall under four categories. Business. Wills & Trusts and Family. Intellectual Property. Contracts and Agreements.

Attorney consultation plans are also available, For a monthly fee you can access a lawyer to discuss any legal issue may have. There are two plans, one for business and another that is for personal issues.

When you review the service offered, they are heavily skewed to serve small businesses more than individual or family cases. The business services are very extensive. There differences are also reflected in a higher monthly subscription for business compared to individuals and families.

Although consultation with a lawyer is included in the plans, document reviews above 10 pages cost extra. The first 10 pages are included in the plans. There is a charge for making wills depending on several factors. If you need to hire a lawyer to represent you in court, there are additional charges for that at a discount.

I couldn’t find a plan where all family members were covered. The only area where kids are addressed is in Estate Planning.

In summary, Legalzoom claims to offer legal services that costs less compared to hiring a lawyer each time you needed their service. Or you paid tom keep a lawyer on retainer.

How To Get The Best Value From Legalzoom

Go to their website and check it out carefully. Navigating this site is not the easiest to do because the website design is disjointed and confusing. If your need is specifically for small business, it is easier to navigate. When you scroll down the Home Page, there are several areas that one would think was clickable for more detailed information. That is not so. Be aware that there is a statement about Flat Fee Pricing.


There are two levels of subscriptions. The Business Advisorty Plan starts at $31.25 a month. Their Legal Advantage Plus starts at $9.99 a month. These prices are based on annual billing. If paid monthly, the prices would be higher. Be careful when you interpret the prices. In connection with attorney services they state,

“Whether you use a self-guided or attorney-supported service, you can always count us to be upfront about pricing.”

Estate planning starts at $149.

If you wanted to create a legal form, a single one costs $14.95. If you would need to fill out legal forms on a regular basis they have a monthly fee of $7.99. However, if you purchased a Business Advisory Plan this service would be included.

My advice is that no matter what you read in the plans or services, call them to find out exactly what the cost will be. Legalzoom does not provide a matrix showing all the prices to minimize any ambiguity.

Customer Reviews

You can fund these yourself. Consumer Affairs is a good place to read unbiased reviews. I was very surprised to find the majority of the reviews were one out of five star rated. No matter how good the plans are, if the customer experience is poor, then red flags should go up. And one should think very carefully if any company with consistently bad reviews should be considered.

Here is an independent site that compares several prepaid legal services that you may wish to check out:

I would like to point out that LegalShield is at the top of this list by a wide margin. Legalzoom is in third place.

Desirable Characteristics Of A Subscription Legal Service

The first characteristic I would look for is a well-defined list of services that were covered by a monthly subscription. I don’t want to see add-ons. There should be unlimited consultation with a lawyer as part of the monthly subscription. If a lawyer is necessary to represent you in court, in certain situations that should be covered, And it was outside of covered services I would expect that to be clearly defined and look for a discount.

My Recommendation

I found the Legalzoom plan barely adequate for basic legal needs. In cases where you needed solid legal advice, they appeared to be lacking. When compared to the plans offered by their competitors, Legalzoom could end up costing you more than what you pay for the monthly subscription.

If you need a prepaid legal service, I strongly advise LegalShield. I wrote a review about them HERE.

I’ve not mentioned this before but LegalShield offers perks that I’ve not seen any of their competitors offer. This comes in the form of significant discounts with several major retailers like, Target and Sams Club and companies with a wide range of products and services ranging from electronics, computers, hotels and travel. A member can save in average $2000 a year. This will more than pay for the subscription.

First, check out my review on LegalShield after which I urge you to do your homework before you make a decision. If you choose LegalShield I want you to feel that it was indeed the right choice and not only because of my recommendation.







Does LifeLock Really Work?

LifeLock was founded in 2005 and based in Tempe Arizona. Purchased by Symantec in 2016. It merged it’s Norton Cybersecuriity unit with LifeLock adding it to their plans. The radio and TV are filled with ads from LiceLock promoting its bundled online and device services with Norton.

In this review I shall be covering Its pricing plans and what you get for each plan. Is there a family plan? I shall also be discussing some concerns about data breaches experienced by the CEO of the company and the company itself. Customer reviews are a good barometer to answer the question Does LifeLock Really Work? Is it for you? Is there a better alternative?

Pricing Options

The following matrix details the various plans offered.

First of all the question needs to be asked, do you need an Identity Theft Protection Plan in the first place? If you lose your wallet, it is possible to call the credit card companies and get your cards closed and replacements sent. You can also alert the Department of Motor Vehicles and get a new Drivers License. Hopefully you will not have a copy of your Socioal Security number in your wallet. But if you do, alert the credit reporting companies of possible fraud. Contact the Social Security Administration to get a replacement card.

Herein lies the biggest problem. If you discover that another person is using your identity to commit fraud, theft or worse. An Identity Theft Protection Plan will provide you with the restoration of your identity back to before someone stole your identity.

Financial Protection

One of the most attractive benefits of this plan is the financial protection provided. Stolen funds reimbursement ranges from $25K to $1 Million. The same range applies to Personal Expense Compensation. This covers legal and restoration expenses incurred. As you can see, the basic plan costing $9.99 a month could reach its limit of $25k before the issues are resolved. Hence, it is almost worthless. If I was considering a LifeLock plan, the minimum would be the Advantage Plan costing $24.99. The basic plan also stops short in the alert and monitoring services. I would select the Ultimate Plus Plan.

Plan Limitations

There are several limitations with these plans. The first is they only cover one drivers license and one social security number. They do cover up to 10 credit cards. LifeLock does not have a family plan option. But they do have a plan for Juniors that costs $5.99 per child. Let’s look at what a family with two kids would cost with the Ultimate Plus. That would run almost $42.

You may ask is it really necessary to have Identity Theft protection for a child. Children ate extremely active on Social Media and go online for a variety of reasons. When they register for these services as well as gaming plans, they often have to provide their personal information. Kids today also carry smart phones where their whole life history is essentially stored. If a child’s identity is stolen it may not be discovered until they are grown up and get denied a loan because their identity was stolen when they were minors. So yes. I think it is essential that if you get an Identity Theft Plan your children would need them too.

All things considered, I highly recommend getting Identity Theft Protection. The question is should it be with LifeLock?

Let’s press on with my review.

Data Breaches

Clearly you would take for granted that the data you have provided LifeLock when you purchase a plan will be safe with them. Would be surprised to know that LifeLock has a history of data breach and misrepresentation problems?

In 2007, its CEO bragged that he could publicize his Social Security Number and he would feel 100% safe from his Identity being stolen because he had a LifeLock Plan. Guess what. His identity got stolen! In 2010 the FTC sued LifeLock for misrepresenting their plans. They guaranteed their customers that their identities would never be stolen if they were covered by a LifeLock plan. The FTC begged to differ and in 2015 said that the history of LifeLock as well as with other organizations, nobody could guarantee their customers would be totally safe from Identity Theft.

LifeLock’s stock dropped by half!

Roll on to 2018. There was a flaw in the LifeLock system when a bunch of Emails were stolen. To be fair, since then LifeLock has fixed its problems. Let’s ask again. Does LifeLock Really work?

Customer Reviews

I’ve added a link above to Consumer Affairs LifeLock customer review page. You will notice that the vast majority of customer reviews are negative. And for many reasons. No matter how good the plans appear to be on paper, would you want to have the problems these customers have had? And many are quite recent. You be the judge. In addition, I have also shown that all these plans have significant limitations. One that I have not brought up yet is that except for the Ultimate Plus plan, the lower priced plans have only one credit reporting company monitored.

So what do you think?

My Recommendation

To be fair to LifeLock, they have cleaned up their act. I also like the AntiVirus protection that comes with their subscription for up to 5 devices. However, their family plan has much to be desired.

There are several other Identity Theft Plans available including Identity Guard and IDShield. My recommendation would clearly be IDShield. Here is the brief review I conducted on them. You can get a family plan, including data monitoring, that covers up to 10 individuals, for $24.99.

Unlike the other Identity Theft companies, IDShield has an app for your mobile devices that provides a wealth of information including your up to date credit score at your fingertips.

LegalShield who owns IDShield, provides every member with Membership Perks. Some companies that offer significant discounts to members are, Target, Verizon, Major League Baseball, Vivid Seats, AMC Theaters, HP, Blue Apron, Sam’s Club etc. etc. By using these perks on a regular basis, your membership could be paid for each month. I shall do a review about the extra benefits of being a member of LegalShield and IDShield in the near future.

    How To Do Network Marketing Online – Part 1

    Are you involved with a Network Marketing Company? Have you followed their systems and struggled? You see the success all around you, or so it appears, and you wonder why is it you are not succeeding? Doesn’t this work by duplicating a successful simple system your company has created? And then teach those you bring into the business to do the same?

    How come it works for everyone else but doesn’t work for you?

    I have written about How To Make Money With Network Marketing Online. This was intended to be a general approach and did not give the nuts and bolts. In this series of Blogs I am going to reveal some secrets on this subject.

    Rather than speaking in general terms, I shall be using my Network Marketing Program as a test case. The principles I will be revealing here will apply to any other company. Let’s begin

    What Is Network Marketing? – A Brief Primer

    Network Marketing is a business model where products and services are sold through a multilevel network of distributors. In order for the system to work each distributor needs to sell only a few products. As well as recruit others to join their team and do the same.

    Each company has a compensation plan to show how commissions are paid out. I shall not be discussing compensation plans since they are all different. The companies can do a much better job in explaining their compensation plans compared to me.

    The biggest problem for most was in recruiting effective distributors and then training them to do the same.

    What if there was a system where you could build a network of engaged distributors who were able to duplicate what you were doing?

    Everything is done online. No need to talk to family and friends. Or talk to strangers and invite them to meetings.

    OK Let’s GO! – The Opportunity Phase

    How do you do Network Marketing online? Let’s start with the Opportunity Phase. I am going to break the process down into simple steps. I shall state what the step is. Then provide details in subsequent sections. Here is where you learn to develop your website that will attract interested prospects to you. You can then share valuable content about your opportunity

    Opportunity Phase

    1. Create your website that will attract traffic.
    2. Include a series of Blogs with valuable information.
    3. Where appropriate add links to your landing page in your Blog. Sparingly!
    4. Give them the option of signing up as a customer or associate.
    5. If they are not ready, provide a form to collect their information.
    6. This information should automatically be entered into an AutoResponder.
    7. Emails are sent spaced several days apart at various intervals and time
    8. More information will be sent progressively, with sign up opportunities.
    9. Once a prospect signs up they are put on a Retention Campaign.

    This is just an overview. We shall go into the details, starting in the following Parts. It should be clear that this Blog is intended for those who already want to build a network marketing business online. It is not intended to tell you why that is a good idea. I covered that in my Blog, How To Make Money With Network Marketing Online. 

    We will start below with tips on creating your website.

    1 – Create Your Website That Will Attract Traffic

    Instead of paying a lot of money to purchase leads that may not even be recent, I highly recommend developing your own business building website. Let me introduce you to one of the best kept secrets in town. An Online Business University that you can join for FREE! Click the WEALTHY AFFILIATE Banner below to find out more and enroll for free.

    No credit card required!

    Here are some critical details about your website. The focus should be on your customers. You need to know what problems they have and how your product or service will solve their problems.

    Do not have your company links posted everywhere. In fact, at the beginning, don’t say anything about your company. That will come later when curiosity is peaked and your prospects ask for more information.

    In Network Marketing the purpose is not only to market the products or services but also to build your team of associates who like you, want to realize their dreams, by creating a business that pays residual income. Network Marketing can do that for you.

    You must figure out who you want to work with. The skill is to be able to use the Internet to help your team mates come to you. Another term for this is called Attraction Marketing.

    These questions are addressed with your Blog posts. Create an outline on what topics you want to cover and in the sequence that will give you the best opportunity for success.

    When you click this banner you will reach a page where you can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for free. The following image is the Dashboard page of my Wealthy Affiliate website. You will get a similar one.

    Notice the titles of the tabs on the left. I will list them below with a little explanation of each.

    1. Dashboard – Here you will find a link to pick up where you left off in your training. You’ll see a constant flow of new members arriving by the hour from all over the world. If you could scroll down further you will arrive at the latest Blogs, Members Questions, Success Stories and more.
    2. Training – Wealthy Affiliate has a training plan on creating an affiliate marketing business that is very apt to find prospects for your Network Marketing business too.
    3. Websites – This link will take you to the website building area. Everything is so well laid out. WordPress is the web building tool that over 30% of the world users. It is very powerful. And you get over 3000 templates to choose from.
    4. Live Events – Every Friday evening Pacific Time, WA conducts a live Webinar on helpful topics on building your business. Typical webinars are on Google Analytics, Google Search Console. Bing Webmaster Tools, YouTube and much more. You can ask questions in real time. If your question is chosen you’ll get an immediate answer.
    5. Research – This is where the magic happens. The Jaaxy Lite Keyword finding tool is worth its weight like in a thousand dollar note! You can do so much more than find Keywords on Jaaxy.
    6. Live Chat – As its name implies, there is a live chat area on the right of the website, 24/7. You can ask questions and receive immediate response.
    7. Help Center – As its name implies, you can use this area to ask for help to some pretty high level individuals!

    When you click on the banner below, you will go to a Wealthy Affiliate review where you will find a great overview of the company and how it can help you. There will be sign up links there if you are ready to give it a try for free.

    In Part 2 we shall go over the rudiments of Network Marketing. Reasons why old school processes could be bad for you. And the reasons why online marketing methods have a much greater probability for success.

    Network Marketing is not for everyone. But if done correctly, the possibilities of significant income are quite high. Affiliate Marketing has great possibilities. But why not over time, create multiple streams of income where you can use the lessons learned for Affiliate Marketing can be used to build a successful Network Marketing business?

    In the meantime. I suggest sighing up at Wealthy Affiliate for free and start using the program to create your own website!


    How to Defend Yourself In Civil Court

    In this article I shall discus the options you have if a civil lawsuit is brought against you. Hopefully this will never happen. But it can. In todays society, there are enumerable reasons why you could be sued in civil court. Here is a short list:

    1. You or your property are accused of causing personal injury
    2. You are not able to meet a contract you signed
    3. Your landlord is suing to evict you
    4. You are sued for unpaid debts
    5. You are sued for defamation of character for an article you published

    There are some important distinctions between a civil and a criminal lawsuit. Some examples are:

    The burden of proof is much higher in a criminal compared to a civil case.

    A prison sentence is possible if found guilty in a criminal case.

    Guilty in a civil suit often results in paying financial compensation to the accuser.

    In a criminal case if you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will appoint a public defender free of charge.

    In a civil case the defender will have to provide their own lawyer or represent themselves.

    Defend Yourself In Civil Court

    Let’s talk about how to defend yourself if you are sued. The best option is to pay a lawyer to represent you. What if you cannot afford a lawyer? In a civil suit the court will not appoint a public defender for free like in a criminal case.

    The only option is to defend yourself in civil court. What can you do? The whole process starts when you receive a subpoena by the plaintiff. This document is generated through a court. The charges will be stated. A date will be provided before which you must file a response to the court.

    You also have the option of filing a counter suit in connection for this case if you feel that you are the one who experienced damages by the accuser. This must be filed when you respond to the subpoena. If you do not do this at that time, you wil forfeit your rights to counter sue later.

    Your best chances of defending yourself successfully is being thoroughly prepared. You can be sure that the lawyer representing the plaintiff will take every advantage of your ignorance of the law to win their case. You cannot use ignorance of the law to win your case.

    Your Options

    We already discussed your first action. That is to answer the subpoena. And file a countersuit if you feel you were the damaged party.

    You have several options to research the relevent law in question:

    • Visit your local library
    • You can go online here to find the answers you need:
    • You can also get help from free legal research services online
    • You may work for a company that offers free legal consultation. If so take advantage of that
    • Ask to speak to law students at your local university to dicuss your case and get tips
    • File for information on your case from your acusser. This can include documents they have and details of any witnesses they may be using in their case
    • Attend any scheduled pretrial conferences. Be prepared to negotiate settlements that you are able to. Be willing to concede certain certain issues that you agree are not in dispute
    • Oppose any motion for a summary judgement against you without a trial
    • Agree on a trial date

    Even once a trial date is set, you always have to option of meeting with the plaintiff and their lawyers to discuss settlement options. This will give you more time to conduct your own research to find out what options you have.

    There is no easy way around this. When you do not have a lawyer representing you the plaintiff is at a huge advantage. You are verify clearly at risk. So what are your options of finding a lawyer?

    Here is a website that provides advice on this very issue.

    Even so, it becomes clear that getting free or low cost legal representation is not easy. One of the reasons is there are far too many individuals who are seeking the help of lawyers who donate their services for free to those who cannot afford to pay.

    I suggest trying all the options I have discussed above to find the best way to get assistance to defend yourself in a civil lawsuit. You may even want to do your own research.

    Sadly, once you need the services of a lawyer, the problem gets magnified. Imagine if you didn’t have auto or home insurance and you were involved in a car accident. or your home was burgled? You would be in serious trouble. That is why we have insurance.

    I strongly suggest you doing research in finding prepaid legal assistance companies and subscribing to their services before you ever need it. And like any other type of insurance, except life, you hope that you hope you never have to use it.

    Options for Prepaid Legal Help

    Legal Zoom is one such company. Rather than I tell you all about their services you can click the link I provided and find out the details for yourself.

    The American Bar Association is another option you have to see if this is right for you.

    Lastly I’d like to direct you to the prepaid legal service that I use, LegalShield. To be transparent, they are an affiliate company I represent. I have no connection with the first two companies listed above.

    If you wish to learn more about the advantages of paying a low cost monthly subscription, I have discussed this extensively in my website, How To Have Peace Of Mind – A Path For Righting Wrongs

    My Fervent Wish For You

    I truly wish you are never in a position where you are sued. This can be one of the most stressful periods in your life. If it makes sense to you, I strongly recommend being prepared just in case you need legal help, before it could even happen.

    Although I have limited this article to civil suits, the magnitude of the problem gets raised far higher if you are facing a criminal lawsuit. This could be based on a false accusation for example. When you consider the possibilities of such a situation happening, being prepared takes on a whole new meaning.

    Please make any comments, ask questions or discuss experiences of your own in the comments section below. I would be very appreciative if you did.


    How to brand yourself with social media

    The first question should be, “Why is it necessary to brand oneself on social media?” If you are interested in is socializing with family and friends, there is no need to worry about branding. What if you have a business? Be it online or bricks and mortar. In either case creating a brand that provides value to your customers can help give your business special recognition.

    When you look at the picture on the left what comes to mind? London off course. Where Big Ben is known to be located. But this is a misnomer. Big Ben is actually one of the bells inside the clock tower. And this building, The Houses of Parliament is located in the City of Westminster. Not the City of London.

    This is a powerful example of how branding can trump the facts. This structure is so iconic that it is a symbol of London. I bring this up since it is a good example of Branding. Just seeing this picture conjures up the atmosphere of London.

    The same goes for the Eifel Tower. Seeing a picture of that structure signifies Paris. And the ancient Roman Coliseum, Rome. These are all examples that demonstrate the power of branding.

    Now look at the following logos. Do you see the name of the company written anywhere? Logos are very much a part of signifying a companies brand.


    I don’t need to tell you what companies they represent, but I will do it anyway. Nike, Mercedes-Benz and Apple. They are titans in their respective domains. Nike for sports shoes; Mercedes for luxury cars and Apple for hi-tech devices like the iPhone and sleek designed computers.

    A brand conveys the essence of a company. They have worked hard to create brand awareness and maintain a very high standard of product quality and customer service. These well-known brands do not compete on price. They develop loyal customers who want to create a desirable image for themselves at expensive prices.

    There are other brands that convey value for money. Like Walmart and Costco. Companies like FedEx and UPS, have developed brand awareness for delivering parcels. Amazon, Google and Facebook dominate the online world.

    All these companies have one major characteristic in common. They have developed a loyal customer base who in general are happy with their purchase and services and keep returning to buy their products

    Brands can also suffer when the company lets their customers down. Like Facebook and the regular issues of maintaining customer privacy. When the data gets hacked, the brand name suffers. But not catastrophically. the vast majority of these companies have recognized the importance of having a presence on social media. Check them out for yourself.

    Your brand in social media

    Wealthy Affiliate has shown the importance of using social media to expand one’s business as a compliment to SEO. There are multiple ways of building traffic to our website, which is in essence our store fronts. One of these is social media. But how does one go about it?

    It all begins with creating your own fan or business page. There are many tutorials here that tell you how to do that. Once you have that presence, what next?

    You create blog posts on your social media accounts that allow visitors to discover how you can help them with tips on problem solving using the products and services you represent. But that is only one part of the equation.

    Every niche has product support pages in every social media platform. Become friends on those pages. Some are closed groups so you may have to apply to be accepted. Often all it takes is to show that you have the same interests as what those pages are about to get the OK.

    Once you’re in, it is time to get active. There is a right and wrong way to participate.

    DO NOT

    1) openly promote your websites or social media pages or products and services. This will show you are only interested in using their sites to find customers

    2) post several times a day. This will give the impression that you have a level of desperation to make friends there

    3) push your products on friends you make in those sites


    1) engage in conversation to show that you are interested in the topic that these sites represent

    2) try to find common problems visitors and members of these sites have through the general discussion tone

    3) build relationships based on common interests

    4) offer constructive advice to demonstrate you are an authority on those topics

    5) offer solutions that directly solve problems discussed

    6) build trust first. Then offer members links to check out the solutions you have in your own social media pages.

    7) take whatever time is necessary to create your own brand awareness in these encounters


    By now you should have developed your own logo. Use these on your social media sites and your own websites to connect you as the brand owner. Building a recognized brand doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience and regular engagement. I recommend making no more than two posts a day on the social media sites you have joined. Make every comment and post relevant to the members. Provide value at all times.

    These are the characteristics we are taught here at Wealthy Affiliate. Use the lessons learned on social media platforms.

    Become the Authority and Go-To person – Problem Solver


    Once you develop the reputation as the go to person to solve problems, people will seek you out. In order to become such an individual you will have to do your homework in your niche so thoroughly that you become an authority on the product. You do not need to own the product to achieve this status. When you write effective product reviews and show how these products solve specific problems, you will become the expert.

    Create videos on Facebook and YouTube where you demonstrate your expertise. When you arrive at this level, you will have accomplished a great deal in cementing your brand awareness in your newfound, expanding customer base.

    Just Do It!

    What is the best Identity Theft Plan?

    • Identity Theft

    What would you like in an Identity Theft Plan? I’ve already provided an overview. In this Blog I am going to get down to the specifics. The following is an outline of the services you would like to have in an Identity Theft Program:

    • Security Monitoring
    • Privacy Monitoring
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Identity Restoration
    • Password Manager
    • Consultation Services

    Let’s take each of the above services and review the details.

    Security Monitoring

    Monitor and alerts in the case of any suspicious activity regarding your:

    1. Credit
    2. Social Security Number
    3. Court Records
    4. Up to 10 Credit Cards and Debit Cards
    5. Up to 10 Bank Accounts
    6. Any payday or quick-cash loans in your name

    Privacy Monitoring

    Monitor and alerts in the case of any suspicious activity regarding your:

    1. Name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Social Security Number
    4. Address Changes
    5. Passport and Drivers License
    6. Up to 10 Email Addresses, phone numbers and medical ID numbers

    Social Media Monitoring

    1. Monitor for Privacy Risks
    2. Personal Information
    3. Geotagging
    4. Reputational Risks
    5. References to Drugs, Alcohol, Violence, Foul Language, Other Online Misconduct

    Identity Restoration


    Team up with a dedicated licensed private investigator to help recover and restore your identity to it’s pre-theft status.

    Search and Review ALL relevant history, reports, databases, records and logs.

    Password Manager


    1. Securely saves all your passwords with Military Grade encryption so you don’t have to remember them
    2. Will generate unique, complex passwords for your accounts so that all of your passwords are strong
    3. Will sign in to accounts for you when you visit known sites so that you don’t have to manually type in your username/password
    4. Update a password on one device and it will update across all devices

    Consultation Services

    Get advice, assistance and alerts regarding:

    1. Online Scams
    2. ID Fraud and theft related to medical records, criminal records or the identity theft of a minor or the deceased
    3. Sex offender searches
    4. Lost or stolen wallets
    5. Credit freezes
    6. Online shopping, communication, and security
    7. Data breaches

    Why do I call the above Identity Theft Plan the best? See below for more benefits!

    Individual plans:

    1. Covers you and includes all the benefits described above
    2. Complete monitoring
    3. Unlimited consultation
    4. Comprehensive restoration
    5. $5 Million Service Guarantee
    6. IDShield Vault Password Manager
    7. COST, $9.95/month

    Family plans:

    1. Covers you, your spouse and up to 8 dependent children and includes all the benefits described above
    2. Complete monitoring
    3. Unlimited consultation
    4. Comprehensive restoration
    5. $5 Million service guarantee
    6. IDShield Vault Password Manager
    7. Child monitoring
    8. COST, $24.95/month

    So What Do You Think?

    If you have any questions please ask me.

    The Identity Theft Program is called IDShield and the services are provided by KROLL, the international security company who are huge in the corporate world. They have provided protection to our IDShield members for over 40 years.

    You can access the sign up page at:

    IDShield Logo

    I am always available to assist you in any way I can!

    While you are considering Identity Theft Protection, why not review the issue of setting up Comprehensive Legal Protection too? You can check that out here:

    Do I Need Identity Theft Protection?

    A more important question is Why Do I Not Need Identity Theft Protection

    Your Social Media Data and Credit Card Data

    Make a list of all the places where you have your credit card information stored. Like Amazon, major stores such as Walmart, Target and the cell phone companies you do business with. Add to this list all your social media accounts such as FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Snapchat, the list can go on and on.

    If you are married and have children, especially those who are teenagers. Add all their social media accounts to that list.

    What if your information got compromised?

    We hear stories almost every week when some organization got hacked and accounts stolen. Maybe you happen to be connected to one of those.

    What do you do?

    I will tell you how you can get out of this mess shortly. But I have a better suggestion. Why not plan on getting your identity protected before you discover it is compromised? Ask yourself, what information about you is actually stolen when a company you have your data stored in gets hacked. Here’s a short list:

    Your Social Security Number

    Your Drivers License Number

    Your Credit Card data that includes the number, the expiration date and the CVC number at the back

    Your address

    Your Date of Birth

    Perhaps your income in some instances

    The answer to the question Do I Need Identity Theft protection should be easy. A resounding YES!

    What would you do if you didn’t have an Identity Theft plan in place? Take five seconds and think about that!!

    You definitely do not want to tackle sorting things out yourself. It could take you down a rabbit hole and drive you crazy.

    Click the following picture for a short video

    Your Wallet


    We’ve talked about your information held online. Another place where this data is kept is in your wallet. What if you lost your wallet?

    Let me tell you a story. I was traveling on a trip to England couple of years ago. I made a purchase at a store in the duty free gift area. I needed to buy a pen as I had forgotten to take one with me. I placed my hand in my pocket to pull out my wallet. It was not there! I searched all my pockets and there was nothing. I panicked. My mind started to think about the last store I made a purchase. I ran back there. Fortunately the store clerk had noticed I had left it on the counter and took it to security. They went and got it back for me.

    I was so relieved. But think what options I had if I had really lost it. On my phone I have an icon for IDShield. One press and I would be connected to experts who would start the process to protect my identity immediately. That would include canceling all my credit cards. Notifying Social Security what had happened. They would get replacement cards sent to my destination. And if anyone tried to use my information, they would be caught.

    The best policy is NOT TO NEED to use the service. Like Auto Insurance. But it is reassuring to know you have that protection in place.

    Your Family

    The Family plan includes husband and wife and your kids. Wouldn’t such a plan give you peace of mind? You cannot police your kids and how they give out their personal information. The next best thing is to have an IDShield Family Plan that would protect them from the theft of their data when you cannot.

    Your family means more to you than anything else in the world. You want the best for them. In today’s environment, it makes sense to make sure their identity is protected.

    If anything goes wrong, click on your phone app icon and you will be in safe hands.

    How This Protection Works

    Your information resides in a myriad of places. IDShield cannot manage what these companies do to provide Identity Theft protection. What IDShield does it employs a company called Kroll that is in the top of their field in cyber security as well as fraud protection and many other monitoring methods to keep a look out for any of your information is compromised.

    You receive reports regularly. If there is an issue you are notified immediately and they get to work to protect you from harm. They will do all it takes to protect you.

    I will provide more details in a future post to give you the extent on what level of ID Protection and in all the areas you are covered. If you wish to get a head start you can access this information by clicking the icon below.

    The Bottom Line

    You may have your credit cards protected in one place, And your other pieces of information somewhere else. You may even have an Identity Theft protection plan offered by someone else. And that is excellent. At least you are aware of the importance of protecting your identity and if applicable your families too.

    I’d like to provide you with one more fact and that is to do with pricing. The cost for a Family Plan with IDShield is much less than another company that has been advertising a lot on the TV recently. IDShield doesn’t need to advertise. It has individuals like me who care personally about your security and will make sure you get a plan that meets your needs completely.

    LegalShield and IDShield are directly connected. And I represent them both. Hence, I am fully equipped to assist you also with Legal Protection. My website has focused more on the latter. You can get advice in picking the best plan for you here.

    Ask yourself the question one more time.

    Do I Need Identity Theft Protection?

    This time I will let you answer that for yourself.

    Thanks for your time and I hope to be of service to you soon!

    What Is The Key To Success In Life?

    What does SUCCESS mean to you? This is a very personal question. It means different things to different people. We first need to define what success means to us and then figure out what is the key to success that is unique to our definition.

    I shall tell you what success means to me and at the end I will reveal what is the key to my success.

    I like to think of success as having the resources to help me leave a legacy. It means having money. Enough to fund a major program described below!

    Of course, I would like to afford a large home overlooking the ocean with a sandy beach below. It would be wonderful to own several cars, each for different uses. Like a luxury car, chauffeur driven, to attend special functions. A car that can be driven on rough terrain to explore places off the beaten track. And naturally a coveted sports car that I would like to take to a race track and drive it at speed for fun and exhilaration, with a coach next to me giving me advice for safety!

    Although I have traveled extensively, and visited 27 countries in my life, there are more countries I would like to visit. And by first class too!

    However, none of these things would help me leave a legacy. When money, or the lack of money is not an issue, just think about the number of things you or I can do to make this world a better place! And that my friends is my burning reason to accumulate wealth. I want to use wealth as a tool to help others make a difference in their lives and by default in our world too. I would like to explore some of these possibilities.

    My Legacy – Can I leave this world a little better than I found it?

    It excites me to think about all the things I can do if money was not a limitation. What about you?

    Children are our future. Isn’t it important to equip them with the tools and the skills along with a work ethic to accomplish amazing things in their lives?

    I have made connections with youngsters who have a passion for sports, entertainment, acting, culinary arts, saving our planet and helping animals among other pursuits. It is inspiring to me to think about the positive impact they will have on our planet. We hear a great deal about how kids these days waste all their time playing video games and texting. These kids do too. With one major difference – in moderation. They don’t have the time to waste, because they spend many hours each day honing their skills.

    My passion is music. Hence, I have developed friendships with young musicians who are passionate about creating and performing great music. Not all can afford to do this as much as they want to. I know of parents who have made great sacrifices in their lives so that their sons or daughters can pursue their musical careers.

    It is a proven fact of life that the study of music can have an impact in academic subjects as well as in many other aspects of a child’s life. Here is a site that talks about the many benefits of musical education in schools

    Hence it is very reasonable to conclude that if I can foster the musical education of kids I would be having a far greater impact in their lives that goes way beyond music. And that would give me the opportunity to help far more people that I could ever do just through my efforts alone. And it will keep on giving long after I am gone.

    I have been thinking about this a great deal. When, and not if, I accumulate great wealth through my online activities, I shall create scholarships for kids to fund their musical education. And they would be substantial amounts for each child.

    The right to these scholarships would have to be earned. And that can be made a fun activity for the child. Boring is something that it will not be!

    Team of Experts – To help me in the selection process

    Although I play the piano and keyboards as a hobby, and earned my piano teaching diploma from The Royal Academy of Music when I was in my early 20s, I also got a degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronics before my piano diploma, and decided that a career in electronics would be the sensible thing to do. I have no regret at all for putting music on the back burner. My engineering career was very exciting and rewarding indeed. As part of a team I designed cockpit displays for military and commercial aircraft that are still flying today. I am retired now and have more time to pursue other activities like developing the knowledge and skills to create an online business. Why not you join me in the same pursuit?

    I will create a network of musical specialists to help me in my objective. My musical experience will equip me to ask prospective team members the right questions to help me build a team of like-minded individuals who enjoy music and wish to foster the love of music in children.

    Selection Criteria

    There are two categories of kids I have in my mind who could benefit from my plan. The first would be kids who have potential in music but do not know it yet because they’ve never tried or been encouraged to do so. The reason is often due to family economic limitations. The second would be kids who do indeed learn music. But their progress is greatly handicapped for family economic reasons too. How do I plan to find the right kids in each of these categories?

    • Sources to find kids suitable for this program.

    My target would be schools, boys and girls clubs, religious communities and the use of online methods. An invitation would be sent out to these entities detailing what this program is all about and to get feedback. There will be no cost to the entities involved. Parents would be an integral part of the program and a necessary part of the dialog.

    • Exploratory meetings.

    The first objective of these meetings is to educate the parties involved on the program and its goals. Key team members with specialized musical skills and experience will be there to answer any questions. The second objective is to find out if this is a program they can support. It will be made clear that the kids would have to qualify for this program. Details of the qualification process will be presented to them. This process will be developed by the team so it is too early to detail that now.

    • Means Test

    Children who are from wealthy homes will only be eligible. for a fair fee. Hence, there will be a means test to decide which families will need to pay and which families wont. The purpose is to level the playing field.


    I know there will be many hurdles that we will have to cross. Problems will arise that we would not have thought about before. Anything of value will have problems that must be overcome.

    The Ultimate Goal and the Answer to the Title Question

    The ultimate goal is to help these kids discover and elevate their musical talent and in the process experience the various benefits of musical education

    One of these benefits is the manner in which they will positively impact others through their musical talents.

    So what is the key to success in life?

    Quite simply, the answer is A LEGACY of MUSIC!

    In order to accomplish this goal I know I will have to create significant wealth. I will not do this alone. This will be accomplished with imaginative partners who will respond to my business plan and in the process make money for themselves too. This has got to be a win-win situation for everyone involved in this project.

    Isn’t it great to DREAM! I challenge you to

    Let’s Dream BIG TOGETHER!

    The Benefits of LegalShield In Detail

    I’ve talked a lot about how I have experienced the benefits of LegalShield, it is time that I shared the details. When you read about the benefits I would love to get feedback from you in the comments section below on having unlimited access to lawyers for a low monthly fee instead of paying upwards of $200 an hour to talk to a lawyer to help you resolve a legal problem.

    LegalShield Mobile App

    The best way to do this is by referring to the menu system of the  LegalShield mobile app. When you become a member you can download this free valuable app on either an iOS or Android mobile device. You will see a new ICON with the letter L inside as shown above. Clicking it will reveal your plan number and other important information at your fingertips!

    Front Page of Benefits

    When you click on the L Mobile Icon a new page appears that provides easy access to your Law Firm and a button to take a snap of your speeding ticket if you are pulled over by a cop and given a ticket.

    At the top is a link to the LegalShield Plan Info. When you click that you are shown a list of services that are covered.

    Covered Services

      • Advice/Consultation/Representation
      • Documentation Preparation
      • Motor Vehicle Services
      • Family Matters
      • IRS Audit Services
      • 25% Discount Services
      • Emergency Access 24/7
      • Additional Services
      • Will Preparation
      • MEMBER Perks

    When you click the above menu items the following details are provided for each of the above line items that I share below


      • Advice and Consultation 
      • Letters and Phone Calls 
      • Personal Document Review 
      • Trial Defense 

    Document Preparation

      • Standard Will Preparation
      • Health Cars and Power of Attorney
      • Living Will

    Motor Vehicle Services

      • Moving Traffic Violations
      • Accidents

    Family Matters

      • Uncontested Name Change Assistance
      • Uncontested Adoption Representation
      • Uncontested Separation Representation
      • Uncontested Divorce Representation 

    IRS Audit Services

      • Starts on the first complete year of membership
      • Up to 50 hours of Provider Law Firm time

    Non-covered services

      • 25% Discount Services for legal coverage extending plan coverage

    Emergency Access

      • If you are arrested or detained 

    Additional Services

      • Warranty Assistance
      • Lease
      • Agreement Review
      • Help Contacting Government Agencies
      • Debt Collection Assistance
      • Tenant Legal Advice
      • Small Claims Court Advice
      • Estate Settlement Advice
      • Consumer Protection Benefits

    Member Perks – Discounts from major companies

    The above is a general overview of a benefit included in a LegalShield Membership. Specific information is in the member contract.

    Compare the following:
    A typical monthly retainer for  an attorney is $500
    LegalShield monthly family plan is $24.95

    In today’s environment, we have many reasons to need the services of an attorney. The main reason we do not follow through is the fear of having to pay the attorney fees of more than $200 per hour.

    What if you had access to an attorney to consult with no additional fee other than your low monthly subscription, wouldn’t you like to level the playing field with those who can afford these high fees?

    LegalShield provides a way to do that. It is like legal insurance. Unlike auto insurance, the more you use it your premiums get raised, with LegalShield you are encouraged to use the services often with no change to the monthly fee.

    Why not click the link below and become a member today?

    LegalShield Membership Application

    While you are registering for legal protection you may also want to consider Identity Theft Protection. A ID Theft family plan is also $24.95

    I will review the Identity Theft Protection Plan in an upcoming post.

    I highly recommend you review your life situation at the moment and make a list of areas you would like to get legal advice on. I created a post to help you review your options at:

    How To Live A Stress Free and Happy Life In One Way You Never Thought Possible


    What should I do the rest of my life?

    How often do you ask yourself what should you do the rest of your life? When I was younger I wish I had asked myself this question. Instead I just meandered through life allowing my future to be decided by circumstance. Sure I made major decisions. They were not made in the context of the question what should I do the rest of my life. The goal is to help make hard decisions about the future.

    What am I doing with my life right now?

    This is the question that we should ask first. We all need a frame of reference that can be used to measure the gap between these two questions. You may find out that what you are doing right now is exactly what you had planned. If so then that is awesome. What if it is not? Or what if you decide you need to move on from were you are now?

    Get a pen and paper, your computer or mobile device and start writing. Write in great detail exactly what you are currently doing to spend your time each day. Each week. Each month. And even each year!

    Read this carefully. Then ask yourself, is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?

    Now is the time to ask the question, what should I do the rest of my life?

    A different way to look at this question

    Instead of thinking what do you want to do for the rest of your life consider this instead. What would you like to achieve in the future? In what way would you like to impact not only your life but also the lives of your loved ones, friends and associates?

    Is what you are doing or would like to do going to make your life better?

    Is it going to make the lives of others better?

    Rather than living for the moment have you thought about leaving a legacy when you pass on? I do not mean to be morbid. I only bring this up because I suggest you think about ways you can leave your world a better place compared to where you are now.

    If money was not a factor what would you enjoy doing every day?

    Here’s the problem. Most of us have jobs for the sole purpose of financing our daily lives. We need money to pay the bills. Save for emergencies. Maybe even to pay to do something for fun!

    The term to live within our means has been used as good advice. Think about this. Is that really the case?

    If your means happens to be paltry, will you be able to afford all the things you would like to do? What do most people do in this situation?

    They borrow money through credit cards and loans to finance activities today that must be paid with future earnings. Our consumer based society helps us create a noose around our freedom.  We like to think we are free. But our freedom is limited by our ability do pay for what we would really like to do.

    The catch for high income earners

    I said above that in order to be truly free we need to have the means to pay for the things we want. Do you think that high income earners like doctors or lawyers have it easy? Think again!

    Individuals in high paying jobs only get paid when they work. No work, no pay. And boy do they put in the hours, 50 to 60 hours a week. They are trapped by their careers. All the luxuries in life they can buy will not give them the time they need to enjoy what they own.

    Worse yet. They can’t take off in a trip whenever they want to. Their families can only enjoy being with them in small increments if at all.

    The harsh reality of life

    Visualize a Bell Curve distribution of the population. Approximately 10% falls under the left edge of the curve. Another 10% falls on the right edge. The remaining 80% lie in the middle.

    Most of us fall in the middle. We have jobs and are often stuck. We are dependent on our livelihood upon the companies we work for. And have you tried getting a raise or a promotion? These are hard to come by. And when you do succeed, does your pay jump up by a lot? The irony is you are expected to work much harder and achieve greater results in gratitude for the modest increase in pay you will be getting.

    Doesn’t seem fair does it? Here’s a cold hard fact. Nobody promised you that life would be fair. If you live in the US, the Constitution only guarantees us the freedom to pursue happiness. Not happiness itself.

    What about the 10% on the left? Sadly they happen to be in a group that for various reasons got left behind. The poor and helpless fall into this 10%. In some areas this number may even be higher.

    It is the 10% on the right edge who do  not have jobs like the rest of us. Let’s look at this 10% in more detail.

    Building an ASSET vs Working in a JOB

    An Asset may take a while to create. Such as writing a book, acting in a movie, or investing in real estate or the financial markets. When you create or own an asset it keeps paying you whether you work at it or not.It may take some time to build that asset to a level where it can pay you. Often while you are building your asset you do not get paid until it is complete.

    The wealthy fall into the asset owning category.

    In a job, we trade hours for money. With an asset, you trade money for hours. Owning a money generating asset gives you free time all the time!

    How do we build an asset and fire your boss?

    The best way to do that today is by using the Internet through Affiliate Marketing.

    You would think that major companies like Amazon, Walmart and Nike do not need our help to make sales. Sales and profits are KING. And they will do whatever it takes to grow these numbers.

    That is why they allow anyone to sign up with them to market their products independently. The incentive they give is a percentage of the sale price. The customer pays the same price no matter if they purchased directly from the company’s website. Or through the website of an Affiliate Marketeer. Isn’t that cool?

    Affiliate marketers are able to help customers find solutions to various problems through helpful reviews and tips using their own websites that are structured to showcase the products discussed.

    By selecting a niche, it is possible for an affiliate marketeer to provide engaging articles within their niche. Hence it is helpful if you selected a niche that you were an expert in as well as passionate about.

    For example, you could be passionate about fitness. In this niche you could market fitness equipment, exercise programs, healthy eating and many more. However, it works best by narrowing the niche to one of these areas and projecting yourself as the expert.

    There are many elements in building a successful online  business. I’ll mention just one as an example. You will need to get enough traffic to view your website in order to make sales.

    How would you like to see how it is done for free? All you’ll need to do is to click the link below and enter your email address. You will be transported to an amazing world where you can get trained to make affiliate marketing a money making tool! Welcome to my world of passive income!

    Learn all about affiliate marketing for free

    I’ll see you on the other side!

    I’ve scattered several vacation shots taken by me to show you places you can travel to when you have time freedom in your life!




    How Do I Start My Own Online Business?

    I am glad you asked this question. A while back I also asked How Do I Start My Own Online Business! There are other leading questions that must be asked ahead of this question. Can you guess what they are? I’ll bring them up below. Feel free to comment on these questions or even bring up others in the comment section of this page.

    What will be your product or service?

    You could be selling products you make personally. For example, custom printed T Shirts. Etched drinking glasses.

    If this is not the case you may want to enter into the field of Affiliate Marketing. This is a great time to do that as almost all the major companies like Amazon, Walmart, Nike etc. offer this option.

    Clearly you wouldn’t want to market everything these companies carry. You would not be adding any value to potential customers to purchase through your affiliate site.

    I suggest you select a category that you are passionate as well as being very knowledgeable about. You could leverage this fact to provide value to your potential customers. We shall dig deeper on this topic later.

    How do you plan on creating your website?

    Let’s face it. You will need a website to create an online presence. Do you know enough about this subject to construct one for yourself?

    You can find many sources that provide web building systems that make it very easy to do this. Let me caution you about going it alone. Constructing a beautiful website is only the start. This part is actually the easiest. Key components of a basic website are words and pictures. When you use pictures it is critical that you do not use copyrighted material. I decided to use pictures that I took myself or royalty free. Since the focus of my website is an online business I will pepper it with subject matter that are connected with business.

    Do you have any idea what drives traffic?

    Having a great website alone will be of no use if very few people view it. Sure, you can find tips online to boost your chances. Or you could purchase ads. When you’re starting out, funding is often a problem. Spending money on ads will be a challenge to get a decent return on your investment.

    It would be far more productive if you used techniques in the web creation  process that will organically attract viewers to your website. This process is an art as well as a science. Experts have spent years trying to perfect this skill, and conducted countless tests before they developed the “magic” formula. Ads can come later to scale up your business once you start generating a decent income. You will have the funds then.

    Have you thought what your niche will be?

    Even when you decide on a category such as travel, fashion, or health products to name a few, these fields in themselves are very large. A common myth is you need to satisfy the needs of as many types of customers as possible to make money.

    Think about this for a moment. One manner of providing value is to write articles and blog posts in areas such as reviews, the benefits, feature trade offs, competitors and why the products you are promoting are the better choice. There are many more ways how you can help customers to make an informed decision.

    Would have the time to do all of this for hundreds of products? How many items do you think you could cover to begin with? My suggestion is to start of with no more than 20. Even this could be too much depending on the type of product you choose.

    Does this make sense to you?

    Once you select a niche, what next?

    You create titles for your articles and start writing. There is a right way and a  wrong way to do this. You  do not need to be a major in English to write good copy.

    If you were talking to a friend about a product you were nuts about, how would you tell them? Think writing in a conversational style. Very similar to the approach I am doing now.

    While you are going through this process you need to understand how to use keywords (phrases) to get your blogs and articles ranked on the first page of the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    Let me ask you this. When you are trying to find something in Google what do you write in the question line? Do you ever get amazed about the number of web pages that appear that addresses the question you asked? If you study the results closely, not all the web pages presented to you were ads based. You will find that many, and in some cases even the highest ranked web page were not a result of ads.

    How do you think that happened? The owners of those websites made effective use of keywords.

    I have a secret for you. There is no need to use guesswork to come up with effective keywords. Online tools are available to stack the deck in your favor. You will have to work for it. The first set of keywords you come up with may not rank high at all. You will have to be creative and use trial and error techniques.

    Would you like to know an easier way forward?

    The questions and ideas I have brought up above only scratch the surface. Wouldn’t you like some help in creating your business website and positioning it for ever growing traffic?

    How about being able to learn from experts who have spent more than a decade perfecting the process to build a thriving online business?

    You can. And I want to invite you to check what I am talking about for FREE. You don’t even need to provide your credit card to gain access.

    This company has over 1,400,000 members worldwide, who are doing exactly what I stated above. I am one of them. Many of my  website pages are ranked on the first pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines when customers are looking for what I have to offer.

    Since you landed on this web page you have access to all of my website where you can find out what my niche happens to be. I only started building my website about three months ago.

    As good as it is there is still much room for improvement. Give me a few more months and it will look even better and have more helpful articles in it.

    Right now, you are interested in how to start your own online business. You probably entered the phrase, “How to start my own online business” into Google. Or something close.

    You can discover this magical world where you can learn to do that at your own pace. Just click the link below.

    This process will ask you to enter a valid Email address to unlock the door to this world. You will find  answers to help you start your own online business. Remember, it costs you nothing to check it out.

    When I discovered this amazing world I felt so excited! How does it feel to be so close to learning the secrets that others just like you and I have used to build hugely successful online businesses. I hope you get excited about it too!

    Your Pathway To A Successful Online Business

    I’ll see you on the other side where i’ll have some cool bonuses awaiting you!


    The Truth About MLM Companies

    Want to know the truth about MLM Companies? It ain’t pretty. That is why you need a Paradigm Shift if you want to succeed in this business. Before I reveal what I mean, let me give you a primer on the principles of Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Network Marketing is another term for the same business model. I shall be using the abbreviation MLM from here on. If you are well versed in MLM skip the next section.

    Primer on MLM

    Companies have a wealth of options to market and sell their products today. The Internet has been growing in popularity at  frenetic pace, and is gradually supplementing and even overtaking brick and mortar stores. Before the Internet was available, some companies added the MLM model to their marketing methods. Amway was the grandaddy of this model and has become one of the largest MLM companies in the world. They trail blazed through uncharted territories that created the model for the myriad of companies that followed. They proved that MLM is a legitimate form of selling products and services.

    With MLM, instead of spending a huge amount of money on advertising, companies directed these funds towards recruiting Independent Representatives to promote and sell their products. Other terms for Independent Representatives used are Distributors and Associates.

    The cost for these companies to create an independent salesforce consisting of thousands of individuals would be cost prohibitive. Incentives,  were derived for the original group of salespersons to recruit Independent Representatives themselves. The idea was to foster geometric growth by sharing the cost and energy required with existing Independent Representatives.

    The company would give them a percentage of the sales made by their recruited Independent Representatives. This percentage would be scaled downwards many levels deep. Hence those who recruited the most hardworking Independent Representatives stood the chance of earning the most. In theory, anybody no matter at what level they are in the organization could be as or even more more successful than those above them if they built a large enough hardworking network.

    The company provided an array of tools to promote sales as well as to recruit new Independent Representatives. A common practice was to hold meetings ranging from small business briefings to major conventions to motivate their sales force and also help to recruit more Independent Representatives. Everyone was and is encouraged to bring as many guests to these events to encourage sales and recruitment.

    Sounds good so far. Right? Sales of companies that have adopted MLM have been generally very successful. Those that have failed did so because of serious missteps. In general though everything seems hunky dory with MLM companies.

    Not so fast. I want to discuss the undertones of this practice.

    What The Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

    The recruiting literature promises the opportunity to create a high paying MLM business to everyone. If you work hard and never give up, you will be successful. The Independent Representative is asked to tell everyone they know about the company products and business opportunity. They are taught this is a numbers game. Some will join. Some wont. So go on to the next. The idea was to do simple tasks like inviting people to look at a video or to attend a meeting often. The idea was to expose their prospects to others who were more experienced than them to essentially do the close.

    The vast majority of recruits are looking for a way to make money fast. It takes time and patience doing the right things to build a successful MLM organization. Hence many get discouraged and give up. It takes a person with vision, dedication and discipline to do the simple things day in and day out to achieve success. Then when they recruit a team, they have to work with them to train them, motivate them to do the same. Until they are able to build an organization that can sustain itself several layers deep, there is risk that their network will fall apart together with their dreams.

    Why is this so? Most people are afraid of public speaking. MLM demands talking to people. At the very least, you have to ask them to watch a video. go to an event. And get  commitment that they will do that. Therefore, the success comes in the follow up. Lots of it. It takes at least 9 invitations to get a friend or family member to even look at the materials you give them. Today this process is automated using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

    There are several unfortunate results that occur with virtually every MLM company. The first being the turnover is very high. Hence recruiting is always a huge priority. The second is that the ratio of the big money earners to those who earn a pittance very low. Companies are requested by law to publish the average earning of Independent Representatives. They hide this detail in small print because it is disgracefully low. Less than $1000 a year in most cases.

    How Do Some MLM Leaders Make a Fortune?

    We have to give them credit. They earn everything they get. When they started their MLM business, they worked hard and smart. They were aware right off the bat that they had to do the simple things to promote their business opportunity as often as possible. They didn’t let their feelings or being rejected get to them.

    The idea was not to reinvent the wheel. But to do the things that have worked in the past over and over again. The KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid applied here very aptly.

    Not everyone can do this. In order to succeed you have to become a leader. If you continue to remain a follower, you will not succeed.

    I call them LEADERS for a reason. They had to show leadership, integrity and resolve that they were success oriented. And that they would not stop helping any member of their team who was willing to put in the work and follow guidance.

    The Ugly Truth

    What matters the most to MLM companies, or to any company for that matter, is the bottom line. What are their annual sales? What is the cost of these sales? And what is the net profit?

    They will do whatever it takes to make these numbers look good. And high turnover is just a cost of doing business.

    Does this mean that MLM cannot work? For most people yes.

    Unless you have a PARADIGM SHIFT in your thinking and approach that I will discuss in my next post entitled: How To Make Money In Network Marketing – Online!



    How to Make Money with Network Marketing – Online!

    The Paradigm Shift I was referring to in The Truth About MLM Companies is revealed in this page. Consider this an introduction. I will go into more details in future posts.

    The following principles and methods apply to any Network Marketing business. I am using LegalShield as an example because I am an Associate in this company.

    My website so far has focused mainly on LegalShield. Membership can provide you access to lawyers 24/7 at a very affordable monthly subscription. You have an easy path to resolve your legal issues; to get legal advice before making decisions and signing contracts; as well as giving you peace of mind knowing you have these options.

    How to Earn Money in Network Marketing – The Online Way!

    Since I am using the principles of affiliate marketing to develop a Network Marketing online business, I thought of sharing what I am doing to help others. If you are struggling to build your business the traditional way meaning talking to lots of people and attending a bunch of meetings, taking guests with you, then this may be a good alternative.

    Since I am an Associate of LegalShield, I shall be using this company as an example. The principles apply to any MLM business that is promoting any product or service. If some of what I say is well known to you I beg your patience.

    No matter what company you represent, when a customer buys your product or service, you earn a commission. How cool is that? Much like affiliate marketing, right? In any MLM company you must first enroll as an Independent Representative to qualify for commissions. In LegalShield the term Associate is used instead. In other words, just being a customer does not qualify you to earn money promoting the business. In some ways it is like a franchise but the cost of entry is affordable to the average person.

    Your company will provide you with your own business site that gives you the online tools to build a successful money making business. These tools can be used manually. Or you can automate the process by leveraging your own website you create here.

    Think Differently

    The old way to build a network marketing business was to talk to any and everyone to encourage them to join your network. And then to train them to do the same. In time you hope all will go well and you will have a network of associates all working hard to market the products and services, creating a stream of income flowing into their’s and your account too.

    If you like doing this, it could work. People have done this for ages and have earned a lot of money in the process.

    But what if you have fears that you would botch this up? And you turn your family and friends off!

    It is time to think DIFFERENTLY! You can create a thriving business using the Internet. Here’s how in a nutshell.

    Create Your Own Website – To provide solutions instead of selling!

    You’re probably thinking you have no idea how to do that. Or if you have, you’re wondering how could you direct traffic of prospective customers and business partners to your website.

    There is a way.

    The fact that you have landed on my website shows that it can be done. And I am going to let you find out for yourself. If you happen to be a techie and already know the ropes, then you are ahead of the game. I still recommend reading what I have to say because the methods you use must combine Hi-Tech with Hi-Touch. Meaning you have to create valuable content that will keep visitors on your site long enough to make an informed decision.

    How would you like to check for FREE the methods I am using? Not only that, you will have the option of getting started on your very own website right away! At the end of this post I promise to reveal the secret on how to do that.

    But first, there are a few critical points I learned I want to share with you.

    The Magic of Providing Valuable Content

    People are always searching online for solution to problems they have. I have chosen a niche where I help individuals to obtain legal protection from a variety of things that can go wrong in their lives. I hope you have checked out some of my posts on this site that will give you an idea of what I mean. Just in case you haven’t, here is a link to one of my posts that highlights several problem areas that people face. Typical Legal Problems

    No matter what company you represent, you can find solutions to problems people have, using your products or services. Ask questions on your website to help your prospects discover this for themselves. And not any solution. But the most optimum solution possible provided by YOUR company!

    Become a problem solver. Not a salesperson. People like to buy. Not sold. Give them options to make a wise buying decision.

    Building Your Network – through education

    Once these prospects go to your website you will educate them about your products and services. Emphasize the myriad of issues that will be solved by using specific items that apply to them. Then create links that will transport your prospects directly to your marketing website provided by your company that will have relevant and helpful information.

    Here are some ideas that you can consider providing compelling information to your prospects for popular products marketed.

    Nutritional Supplements – how they provide specific health benefits

    I am sure your company provides details on this topic. I suggest you use that to whet the appetite of your prospects using your own website first. In this way they will feel that you care and are knowledgeable enough to help them. This is the time to include strategic links that will take your prospect to the location where they can learn more as well as make purchases.

    Even if they do not make a purchase at this time your system will have collected their contact information that you can use to put them into your Customer Relationship Manager. Here the system will periodically send them informative messages that will lead them to make a purchase. When you check out your examples I am sure you will find many examples of being the recipient of informational messages. Most will not take action. However, there will be a percentage of recipients where this information will mean something to them. If this copy is put together well, the probability is high they will be interested enough to come back again or even make a purchase.

    Beauty and Energy Products – how to create a vibrant persona

    The same argument for Nutritional Supplements apply here. In may cases these two product lines are promoted by the same company. Unlike supplements that provide long term health benefits, beauty and energy products provide immediate results. This resonates with a lot of people. I assume that your company has a unique selling proposition in their products that separates them from their competitors. Use this information to drive home a great reason why your prospect should buy from you. Do this in combination with providing solutions they are looking for.

    What are the Main Objectives of Your Website?

    1. Created to land on Page 1 of the major search engines
    2. Choc full of valuable content that will be absorbing enough to keep your visitors engaged
    3. Makes it easy for your visitors to make an informed decision to BUY
    4. Once this decision is made, lead your prospects to your company site to complete the purchase
    5. Keep track of traffic activity on your website so that you can make decision to increase efficiency
    6. Educate your prospects about the opportunity to make money doing what you do
    7. Provide them with the path to create their own business website


    Your company has its own brand. This is great for them. What about YOU? Prospects can go to any Independent Representative of your company. Why should they chose YOU?

    Here is where you MUST create a brand that is uniquely YOU and stands out from the crowd. You have to provide exceptional value that will keep them coming back. And tell their friends the goldmine that they have discovered that they need to check out too.

    My Promise – The Secret!

    You can review the system that I use at no cost to you. In fact, when you sign in NO CREDIT CARD is required. All that is required is a valid Email address. And if you decide that this is not for you, there is no harm no foul.

    Drum Roll Please!

    Click the link below to discover my secret!


    I wish you happy exploring. Check out every detail. Rather than me telling you more, you can learn everything you need to know at this site. Then decide if this is the way for you to attract customers and prospects to grow YOUR business.

    You deserve every success in the world. Go get it!

    I would appreciate any comments or questions on this subject matter. I will reply within a day of reading what you wrote.


    How To Live A Stress Free and Happy Life – In one way you may never have thought possible!

    Are you in a Happy State of Mind?

    If you are, that’s awesome. If you’re not, when were you last in a Happy State of Mind? Close your eyes and imagine what that felt like. Capture those feelings again even if it is fleeting. Then open your eyes.

    How did that feel? 

    Were you able to mentally get those feelings back?

    We are all different. What makes you happy? Would knowing that someone is covering your back give you a sense of well-being make you happy? What does it feel knowing you can turn to someone you trust to get a problem resolved?

    What if something bad happened and you needed help  immediately what would you do? What if you had an icon on your phone that you could click and get connected to a Law Firm immediately for assistance? Without having to pay them a dime?

    What would that be worth to you? Wouldn’t that reduce your stress level? How do you feel knowing you have the power to make that happen?

    It is not your fault you didn’t know you had this option.

    The wealthy can always afford lawyers. You have the power to level the playing field. Can you see the value in having access to your very own Law Firm when you need to talk to a lawyer?

    Would you mind if I reviewed some of the situations having a lawyer to turn to can make your life better?

    Landlord tenant situations – 

    • Crooked Landlord – Let your lawyer handle it!
    • Hazardous home conditions – Let your lawyer handle it!
    • Get your lease professionally reviewed by your lawyer

    Consumer Finance – 

    • Tax disputes, audits – Let your lawyer handle it!
    • Debt collection – Let your lawyer handle it!
    • Fraud – Let your lawyer handle it!

    Traffic – 

    • Speeding tickets – Use your phone to send the citation pic to your lawyer
    • Traffic Court –  Let your lawyer represent you without you being there
    • Accidents – Call your Law Firm immediately. 24/7 access for emergencies

    Estate Planning – 

    • Will and Power of Attorney – Let your lawyer create and manage that
    • Death and taxes – Your lawyer will take that burden away from you

    Real Estate- 

    • Buying 0r Selling – Your lawyer will work with you on these transactions

    Employment – 

    • Mistreated at Work – Let your lawyer resolve those issues for you
    • Wrongly fired – Heck yes, put your lawyer to work for you
    You can use your lawyer also for the following situations:
    • Collection
    • Family Law
    • Civil Litigation
    • Criminal
    There is much more. Would you like to see? –

    You can find out more about a company that can do that for you in a review by clicking HERE!

    Where do you go from here? 

    • You can do nothing

    • you can ask me more questions

    • you can FIND OUT MORE from this LINK 

    How cool is that! I will be happy to help you when the time is right.

    How does it feel to be one step closer to being LEGALLY protected?
    How does it feel to be able to talk to a lawyer for anything that could resolve problems for you?

    I have one more thing!

    Would you like to know a secret?

    You can earn money while being legally protected!

    When you experience the benefits of having peace of mind, share your good fortune with others. How would you like to get paid for that?  And why not? As human beings most of us love to help each other especially by sharing good experiences.

    Make a list of issues giving you STRESS. You can then talk to your lawyer and tell them what is bothering you.

    Do that as soon as possible to kick the tires so to speak.

    I feel so confident that you will love being treated as a VIP and that your issues will be addressed promptly.

    I also feel confident you can hardly wait to tell others. Just like I did and continue to do. So why not get paid?

    Earning some extra money will also enable you to live a stress free and happy life.

    Read  the Pros and Cons of the company that can give you peace of mind by clicking the link below:


    I want to welcome you to your Happy State of Mind!


    LegalShield Customer Reviews

    Why just listen to what I say about the service provided by LegalShield. Listen to what some of its customers are saying below. Their situations cover a wide range of issues. I am sure you can find one or more you can relate to.

    Real Estate – Frank of Lynbrook, NY

    “I have had LegalShield for years. I have used it for my will and to get it updated over five times which is included in my monthly fee. But my greatest experience was when I had to retain an attorney regarding a lawsuit. They picked up my case in 2017 regarding a real estate deficiency claim from Florida. I was being sued for over $100k. I had a previous “non LegalShield” attorney who took thousands from me and I found out got disbarred due to negligence. Frantically I called LegalShield. I am in NY but the suit was in Florida. My LegalShield attorney was very patient, sincere and helpful. The issue was a five year one from being initially served in 2014. To make a long story short, it went to trial in February 2018. How did I feel when my attorney called me at home that morning to say “You won”? There are no words. I have only had positive experiences.”

    No Lawyers Fee Needed – A.J. Huntington Beach, CA

    “Every time I call LegalShield, I get advice that is otherwise not available. There is no lawyer who wants to give advice for a fee and the advice and services are completely priceless. With LegalShield, I can call about any issue and have an attorney call me back in 4 business hours or less. Incredible! While most of the reviews are positive, I am always curious about the bad ones. How could anyone have a bad review? It is clear that almost every bad review is because someone didn’t explain the services properly. When people feel misled, they make a complaint. For me, the membership has helped me so many times I couldn’t imagine not having my LegalShield membership.”

    Prompt Response – Kristy, Dubuque, IA

    “Atty. Steve ** was very prompt in returning my call and providing expert advice on my situation. I highly recommend LegalShield to everyone out there. It’s very affordable and provides peace of mind. The process is simple and non-intimidating.”

    Peace of Mind – Karen W.

    “I have been a LegalShield member for 1 year now. So, far I have made calls about various situations that I had needed Legal advice on and I have been very pleased. This service has helped a lot people that I know, also. I have peace of mind knowing I have this service.”

    Child Custody – Keverick S. Goldsboro, NC

    “I have been a LegalShield member for over a decade. I have used the services more than 10 times from child custody to disputes with car manufacturers. I am absolutely pleased with the results each time. I am a proud single parent of a young lady. LegalShield allowed me to bring my baby to a solid family life.”

    Emergency Services – Willie, East Orange, NJ

    “LegalShield has been a tremendous blessing to our family with the 24/7 Emergency Services during a being stopped late at night while out of town. Also with preparing my wife and I WILLS and document reviews. The Provider Law Firms are very helpful. To know that we have access to an Attorney with the use of a Mobile App means a lot to our family.”

    Saved Lots of Money – T.M. Cincinnati, OH

    Follow through with what they claim. Saved me a boat load of money over legal concerns. I feel at peace.

    Affordable Service – Nic R. Minneapolis, MN

    “This service is very affordable and easy to use. We updated our wills and were very happy with how quick and easy it was.”

    Contract Issues – Carol K. Sacramento, CA

    “My family has had Legal Shield way back when it was first known as Pre-Paid Legal! We have used their services countless time and in all cases we have been more than satisfied with the results! Most recently I contacted an attorney about a contract my husband and I signed when we were both ill… I already knew the answer – but I needed confirmation. I didn’t like the answer I got (I wasn’t happy with it) but I knew that it was the correct answer. This organization has saved my family many times! I am very glad to have it.”

    Member for Life – Jeff, Hampstead, NC

    “Simply the best, been a member since the 80’s saved thousands of dollars over the years!!!!! Anyone with normal intelligence that sees this program and understands the benefits will be a member for life!”

    Medical Dispute Resolution – Jane, Berwyn, PA

    “Me and my family have been a member now for 4 years. It has saved me/us so much money and stress. When my kids were in college it gave me peace of mind. I personally have used my provider law firm for my divorce, contract reviews, red light traffic violation, unlimited consultations and I save money on member discounts. Most recently a letter was written over a medical dispute. I went to a foot doctor for an infection. When the bill arrived, I was charged $810 for treatment I never received. I called the office 3xs to speak to the billing assistant and only got thru once. Despite my efforts, she would not budget and insisted I had a procedure that never happen. Within weeks, I received a notice it was going to a collection agency. That is when I called my provider law firm. I spoke to my attorney and he wrote a letter on my behalf pointing out if a test was negative, xyz wasn’t needed. I then received another bill and they had deducted $617 to which my lawyer sent another letter stating that in PA, the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law 73 P.S. 201-1 – 201-9.2 prohibits deceptive business practices such as this. I paid my amended bill for $193 for services rendered. Needless to say I never heard from them again nor did a collection agency come after me and ruin my good credit rating. Thank you LegalShield!”

    Family Protection – April W. Aliso Viejo, CA

    “I have been a happy member for 6 months. I have found many situations regarding employment, taxes and HOA to name a few where having the ability to consult an attorney was extremely helpful. My father uses his small biz membership for his corporation and it has saved him thousands in attorney fees over the years. Everyone has trivial legal matters and questions come up all the time they just may not realize it because they don’t think they can call an attorney. With LegalShield our family feels protected and at ease knowing we have a team of dedicated attorneys on our side.”

    Multiple Simultaneous Issues – Orion P. Hurricane, UT

    “I had three different legal issues to check on in one day :/ One was for a membership to a gym only a $30 issue. The second one was for a debt collector harassing me on a 12 year old debt I paid and the third was on a document review for my concealed weapons permit. These were all everyday situations I needed some good advice on. I called LegalShield at 12:00PM and by 2:00PM that same day I had received a call back from not 1 or 2 but 3 separate attorneys that were experienced in those areas! 3 Attorneys, 3 Problems ALL resolved in less than 2 hours for only $20.00? That was diabolical! Thanks.”

    Court Representation – Cheryl P. Las Vegas, NV

    “Legal Shield has always helped us with questions over the years and have been very helpful. This year we are using them in a court case and we are very pleased. We had accumulated hours to help pay lawyer fees and court costs. Great service. Thank you. I would recommend it to every one.”

    Recognizes the Value – Glen A. Conroe, TX

    “LegalShield offers a truly remarkable service. My regret is I was not aware of this service years ago. Would have saved me thousands of dollars, hours of time, and needless aggravation. Simple choice – $250 hour (without) or $20 per month (with) for legal advice.”

    Saved $3000! – Steve, Warren, OH

    “My LegalShield attorney saved me $3000 by winning my legal case. Only cost me $17 a month to have such great representation.”

    Identity Theft – Shawn J. Naperville, IL

    “I have saved thousands of dollars and avoided a horrific identity theft situation! Thanks LegalShield”

    How would you like to have your problems resolved the LegalShield Way?

    Contact me to get started before you need legal assistance. If you wait, it could cost you more than you can imagine!

    If you prefer, you can sign on by yourself through this link.

    A choice of membership options will be provided to you. From Individual, Family and Small Business. There is also an Identity Theft Option that I highly recommend. A Family Plan that covers both, Legal and Identity Theft Protection costs less than $50 per month. When you consider that Lawyers can cost upward of $250 an hour, you would be wise to select this route.

    Once you’re in you can call your Law Firm as often as you wish to discuss any matter than could have legal consequences. And you won’t have to worry about paying hourly fees!

    If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Just Email me at and put LegalShield Question in the Subject Line. I shall get back to you within 24 hours.

    I wish you a Safe and Stress Free Life.


    LegalShield Review


    The purpose of this review is to provide background information on LegalShield, details on the legal service provided by LegalShield. Pros and cons. How much does it cost. And what is the quality of service like. And my overall rating from 1 to 10.

    Background Information

    The Founder

    LegalShield was founded by Harland Stonecipher in 1972 after he was involved in an auto accident and experienced negative legal consequences. That left him and his family at a financial disadvantage. His innovation was to provide legal services that was subscription based rather than paying an hourly rate to a lawyer. LegalShield later added Identity Theft protection to its members.

    The Current CEO

    Jeff Bell, the CEO of LegalShield held several VP positions at Chrysler where he launched the Chrysler 300. He also held several VP positions in Microsoft where one of his responsibilities was their gaming division where he transformed the Xbox division to profitability. Under Jeff Bell, LegalShield has grown significantly and now has over 1,400,000 members. LegalShield operates in the US and four Provinces in Canada.

    Management Change – to handle growth

    Mr. Stonecipher served as the CEO until 2011 when the company was purchased by MidOcean Partners. The current CEO is Jeff Bell, who held senior VP positions in Chrysler and Microsoft. LegalShield currently has over 1.4 Million members across 49 States and 4 Canadian Provinces where it provides its services.

    Your Law Firm – Works for You

    LegalShield has contracted with top law firms in major cities where it operates. When you join LegalShield, you are assigned to a Law Firm near you.

    Membership Card

    Your welcome package includes your membership card. Imprinted on this card are your membership number, the name and phone number of your law firm, the phone number of LegalShield HQ in Ada, Oklahoma. LegalShield has an App for iPhone and Android so that you can connect with your lawyer with the push of an L con on your screen.

    How the plan works – it’s really simple

    Once you become a member, call your Law Firm to discuss any issue that may require a legal perspective.

    For example, you were taken advantage of by an airline. Or you need to sign a contract and want to know if you missed anything that could create a problem down the line.

    Conveying Details To Your Law Firm

    They will ask you for your membership number located on your membership card and your Email address and home address for verification. The agent will ask you for a summary of the issue involved and any pertinent information related to it.

    Typical Response Time

    Within four hours an attorney who is best equipped to help will call you. You can talk to the attorney as long as it is necessary for them to get all the information so that they can best advise you. If there are documents involved you will be asked to send it in either by fax or email using a scanned copy. Within three business days they will call you back with a response. If you have an emergency, you can call 24/7. Otherwise, normal business hours apply.

    Managing Missed Calls

    There is no limit to the number of issues you can call on. If the attorney calls you and you cannot take the call for any reason they will leave you a message saying they called. You can always call the Law Firm and set up a time slot when the attorney is available to connect.


    You get an attorney expert in the field you need. The response is always within four hours of calling your Law Firm. In my case I got call backs within two hours.

    The range of issues covered will take care of almost anything important to you. These are all clearly stated on the website.

    There is no hourly charge involved. Your membership fee covers unlimited consultations.

    You have a minimum number of hours a year the attorney can represent you in court. If you do not use up these hours they get carried over to the next year.

    If you are audited by the IRS an attorney can accompany you to the audit.

    The mobile app makes it easy to contact your Law Firm.

    If you get a traffic ticket you can send a picture of it to your Law Firm using your app.

    LegalShield plans range from individual to family as well as small business.

    There is also a plan to give you Identity Theft protection, that includes social media.

    The cost is very affordable and is excellent value taking into account the coverage.

    LegalShield has been in this business for over 40 years, is well managed and has a very good rating by the Better Business Bureau.


    There are a few situations that are not covered by the plan. These will be clearly stated. In those cases you can get legal representation at a 25% discount. Alternately, if you do not want to pay for this service you can get advice on what documents you will need to file in court and how to handle the situation yourself at no additional charge.

    Most of the communication is done over the phone instead of a visit to the attorney.

    It is possible that you do not provide all the information clearly that could lead to being hooked up with the wrong attorney. When the right communication is given this will be rectified. But it could delay the process. It is critical that all the right information is given from the start.

    There is no free trial period. However, you can join at the individual level at $17.95 a month. If you like the service you can upgrade your plan. Or if you do not like it you can cancel.


    The Pros far outweigh the Cons. Plans start at $17.95 a month. Monthly subscriptions that provide legal coverage and identity theft protection for a family plan is under $50. I think this is a small price to pay for having a huge load taken off your mind. Remember, you can call your Law Firm for any problem. The attorney will inform you of your legal rights coupled with advice on the best way to resolve your problem.

    My overall score for LegalShield is 9 out of 10. I didn’t give it a 10 because of the few cons that I discussed. 

    I have been a member of LegalShield for over 10 years and the company has helped me make informed decisions on many issues as well as fight for me to make sure I was not taken advantaged of.

    You can learn more by clicking this video link.

    If you wish to sign up to be legally protected, you can do so by clicking this LegalShield link or the Logo below:



    Binary Option Scams

    Do you know what a Binary Option is? I will give you a brief primer on Binary Options before I tell you how these scams work and how to protect yourself from being scammed. The vast majority of Binary Option Companies are located abroad.

    Binary Options Primer

    When stocks are traded their value can either go up or down. A financial instrument exists where you can make money by correctly predicting if a stock goes either up or down in value at the end of a specific time interval. Minimum bets start at $100. You make a bet by selecting the stock or financial asset like currency pairs, then the amount you wish to bet, and finally the time duration. This can be as little as one minute to as long as several hours. At the end of that period if the value of your asset has risen in value by as little as one cent, you double your money. If it drops in value by one cent, you lose your stake. It doesn’t matter how high or low your asset ends up you either double your bet or you lose it.

    Sounds simple right? It appear’s you have a 50/50 chance of either winning or losing. Not so fast. This is not like flipping a coin. There are several factors at play that could stack the direction of the assets value either way. If you do not educate yourself substantially, the odds are against you. But the scam artists do not tell you that.

    The Hook

    The scam artists will connect with you by various means. Phone calls. Texts. Emails. They select individuals who are trying to develop new ways to create an income. Presentations are made to illustrate that the probability to make money is quite high. Initial cost to try the opportunity is relatively low. After you create you4 account and make your deposit it’s not long before you see your investment double and even triple. You’re invited to invest more. And if you falter they suggest taking* your money out.

    Leveraging Borrowed Money

    Once you get the feeling it’s easy to take out your winnings, greed takes over. The next step is to make a deposit using a credit card. They suggest this to give a feeling of security. If they scam you the credit card company will cover your losses. So you make a deposit of $1000. An account manager is assigned to give you advice and guide you. And by magic your account doubles again. The account manager suggests you make an even bigger deposit of $25,000.00.

    If you balk once again they will tell you to take out your money. And you do that. By now, you’re putty in their hands as greed completely takes over. You tell them you don’t have $25,000.00. Your account manager starts to play with your mind. They counter that for this month only the company is offering a special deal. If you find a way to invest $25,000.00 they will give you a matching bonus bringing your account up to $50,000.00. You need to sign an agreement that you will not be able to make a withdrawal until your account doubles again. To sweeten the deal, your account manager who happens to be a master trader will trade for you. Your account can be accessed anytime so you can track your earnings

    Leveraging More Borrowed Money

    Your account manager suggests you apply for one of those high interest loans that are easy to get. He convinces you that you will be able to pay the loan off using the profits in your account before the first loan payment is due. This argument is so compelling especially the thought of being given a matching bonus. You go for it and get that loan. You can hardly wait to make that deposit. Once it is in you see your bonus added and your balance reads $50,000.00!

    You can hardly believe your mind when you see your account growing by between $1000 and $3000 each day! It’s not very long before you have over $100,000 in your account. You have a feeling of euphoria and start thinking* it’s possible to become a millionaire. Your good fortune is overwhelming. You try to make a withdrawal of $25,000.00 to pay off your loan. Your account manager informs you that the agreement you signed had a clause saying the bonus $25,000 needed to grow six times before you could make any withdrawal.

    Panic Time

    Your euphoria turns to fear. Have you been scammed? Your account manager tells you the amount in you’re account is your money. At the rate of growth your account balance will soon be at the level where you can make any withdrawal you want. Even all of it. You find your account manager is not accessible like before. He had to go home for family reasons. A new account manager is assigned to you. He is more difficult to get hold off. You now contact your Law Firm to get you out of this mess. They find out this company is headquartered in a foreign company. This information was available to you if you only knew where to look.

    Your lawyer sends them a legally worded letter demanding your money is returned to you. The company stalls and you get nothing back. The company is located in another country so your lawyer can’t sue them abroad. What seemed like a nice nest egg in your account, that you can still see when you access it, is getting more and more unattainable.

    Let’s face it. You’ve been scammed. Not only is your investment of $25,000 gone but you have to pay that back to the loan company.


    Who’s responsibility is it for this disaster? I have a confession to make. This happened to me. I was able to renegotiate the loan with the good graces of the loan company. Although I was scammed, I took full responsibility for this result. I should have known better. When something is too good to be true it is. My emotions were manipulated by skillful agents in this fake company. When I researched this scam I found out that most of the companies were located in Israel. The Israeli Government were well aware of this situation and had taken legal steps to close these companies down. I found out that the company that scammed me had their main offices in Israel and used a UK address as a shell to make it seem they were legitimate.

    Steps to Avoid Binary Option Scams

    1) Do not get involved in the first place. If you are invited to participate in a Binary Options program, run as far away as possible. Metaphorically speaking off course.

    2) If you do get hooked like I was with early small profit payouts, take your profits and do not invest any more money no matter how attractive their argument is.

    3) Get as many details regarding names, addresses and phone numbers and report them to the FBI.

    It all comes down to common sense. I should have sent my agreement documents to LegalShield for review. I have asked myself so many times why didn’t I do that. I am ashamed to say I knew what they would tell me. Can you guess what that is? I didn’t want to hear them tell me not to get involved. I was hooked into the prospect of making a lot of money easily and quickly.

    A red flag should have gone up when they persuaded me to get a loan to invest. They made it seem low risk so I didn’t even think of the real risk I was taking. The risk of losing it all. Greed took over me.

    Lessons Learned

    Binary Option Scams are more prevalent than you think. Just enter Binary Options Trading into Google. You will be amazed at the plethora of programs that will show up. I guarantee you all of them are scams. I spoke to some lawyers in Israel who told me so. They are trying to pick up the pieces for clients who invested hundreds of thousands of dollars. I considered myself fortunate that all I invested was $25,000. And I am even more fortunate that I negotiated a deal where I would pay back half over a two-year period with no interest and have my account paid in full.

    Why Am I Bringing This Up At My Website?

    In like to think of it as using my sorry experience to pay it forward to people who read my story. Do not do what I did!



    How to have peace of mind – a path for righting wrongs

    Scales of Justice

    There are so many ways to be taken advantaged off. It becomes so common that we accept this sad fact as a way of life. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to right these wrongs in an affordable stress free way?

    Yes you can!

    Equal access to the Law just like the wealthy is something you can have.

    But first let’s review the types of wrongs you can face in everyday situations.


    The Great Recession of 2008-2009 laid waste to the welbeing of so many people. I was in that group. Retirement was a few years away before my pensions and social security would kick in. I was laid off just before the Great Recession. I managed to change careers to have some income coming in. It was not enough to pay all our bills.

    We stopped paying our credit card bills as well as the mortgage. The banks were very busy taking care of a whole lot of people in similar situations to us. They left us alone for a bit. This gave us breathing room. But the letters and phone calls from the bank and the credit card companies were relentless.

    Fortunately we subscribed to this program that gave us access to legal help. Our Law Firm explained to us that the best way forward was to declare bankruptcy. However, if we were not current with our mortgage, we would lose our home. They advised us to proceed with the Government Home Affordable Refinance Plan introduced by the Obama administration. They helped us with that process.

    Once the application went in all foreclosure proceedings, debt collection calls and letters from the bank were halted. It took a year to get approval. Our mortgage was upside down. We were fortunate to get a plan that cut 30% of our principal as well as drastically reduce our interest rate. Thankfully we could make our new monthly mortgage payments.

    The Law Firm proceeded with our bankruptcy petition. Until this move took place we continued to get debt collection harassment calls, threats and letters. Once our bankruptcy application was filed all creditors were informed that we were now under the protection of the bankruptcy court. And that they would be breaking bankruptcy law if they continued with their collection tactics.

    Miracles of miracles, all these nasty calls and letters stopped. Thanks to our lawyer. I lost count of the number of hours our lawyer devoted to our case through innumerable phone calls, helping us with the process of filling out the application, submitting the application and accompanying us to the hearing at bankruptcy court. Within three months our debts were discharged by the bankruptcy court. All $300,000 of it!

    If it’s ok with you I’d like to tell you how much it cost us. Besides our low monthly subscription of $49,95 (this included Identity Theft Protection as well as legal services) we got a 25% discount from the specialist lawyer who helped us. He charged a flat fee of $1,400. Court fees were $350. The most valuable outcome for us was peace of mind and a renewed financial stability.

    Just one year later lending companies were trying to loan us money again. My car was old so I took this opportunity to purchase a two year old car. The interest rate was a tad high at 8% but still very affordable. I also qualified for credit to install solar panels on our roof. The icing on the cake. our home mortgage was also discharged but the bank agreed that we could still own it if we maintained our restructured mortgage.

    When you have debt collection harassment you do have options you should check out. And if you want any information on the company we used I’ll add a link here: LegalShield

    If you are in a similar situation please consider using our way out of the problem.


    When you rent a home or an apartment, you need to sign a lease. This document is primarily designed to protect the rights of the owner or landlord. What about your rights? Do you ever read the agreement thoroughly and understand it all?

    When you subscribe to our legal plan you can get your lease reviewed by a lawyer specialized in this field within three days of document receipt. They will tell you exactly what the “gotchas” are. If necessary they can help you amend the lease to make sure your rights are protected to your satisfaction.

    Doesn’t it make sense to take preemptive action rather than suffer the consequences after the fact?


    Fraud is one of the most common injustices around. Doing business online has amplified fraud to a whole new level. If you experience fraud no matter what kind it is, you can call your Law Firm and get connected to a lawyer expert in this field to give you advice on how to handle the situation.

    Your lawyer will get all the necessary information from you. In most cases they will write a letter to the party that subjected you to fraud that will invoke applicable legal terms to make them reconsider. Often this will result in the wrong being righted. If this doesn’t work your layer will advise you on the next step.

    Doesn’t having a lawyer on your side reduce the helpless feeling you would have had if you tackled this on your own?


    When you need the services of a contractor to do work in your home, always create a document that describes exactly what services will be provided and for what amount and payment terms. This is yet another document you can get your Law Firm to review for you to make sure your rights are protected.

    There may be occasions that the work does not get completed to your satisfaction. Or the job drags on behind schedule. Once again, you can contact your Law Firm and get them to communicate with your contractor in legal terms to make sure they meet the agreement they signed up to. And if not, to compensate you for the shortcomings. This kind of compensation could be entered into the agreement before it is signed off.

    What price is there to having peace of mind in stressful situations like this?


    One of the most common traffic citations is for a speeding . After I lost my job I took on other jobs that required a lot of driving. Inevitably I got several speeding tickets. The last one would have been a huge problem if I was found guilty because it would have affected my drivers license.

    I called my Law Firm and a lawyer was assigned to represent me in Court. I explained my situation to her and asked her if there was anything she could do to get my citation reduced.

    She was able to talk to the police officer and managed to get him to amend the charge to a level where my drivers license would not be affected. There was no way I could have dint that myself. The lawyer saved me and I didn’t even have to be in Court. This service was part of the legal plan and it cost me nothing.


    When we go on vacations the plan is to have a good time with as little or nothing going wrong. There are many areas where things can go wrong. It can start with your flight. You could be given a room that didn’t meet acceptable standards. Tours could go wrong. What do you do? You could ask for compensation. Would that be enough to pay for a replacement vacation? Perhaps not.

    What if you could have your lawyer send the various establishments a stern letter demanding appropriate compensation. Or else! The chances are you would get compensated enough to pay for another vacation. Be honest. If I hadn’t told you about the option about using a lawyer would you have thought about that? Off course not because the cost of a lawyer would be more than what your vacation cost. But not if you have the right legal plan.


    The above is just a short list of situations where you could use legal help to right the wrongs you experience. Having access to affordable legal help can give you a winning advantage.

    How do you get this legal advantage? Go to the next page for all the details.

    There is one more thing. There is a way you can earn some extra money by telling others about these benefits. If they subscribe you get paid. Isn’t that cool? I will explain more about this option too in the next post.

    Please let me know if you can relate to any of the issues discussed above. I welcome any kind of feedback, good or bad. Suggestions to make improvements will also be much appreciated. Each post has a comments section below to write what you think. Co click the subject link shown on the right if the comments window is not there. Thanks a bundle!


    Legal Protection Services

    What is a Legal Protection Service?

    Most humans do not like disasters of any kind. That is why we have Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Accident Insurance, Life Insurance, Theft Insurance, and so on and so forth. List all the insurance plans you have that protect you from the unthinkable happening.

    One of the biggest weaknesses we have is being exposed to others taking advantage of us in various forms. Since we are usually not familiar with the Law, we often do not do anything to protect our rights.

    However, wealthy individuals are well aware of the importance of legal protection and more often than not have one or more lawyers under retainers. Over time, it costs them a bundle. Their actions are proactive too. Rather than waiting for bad things to happen they put legal mechanisms in place to protect their rights before their rights are violated.

    What Options are available to individuals who are not wealthy?

    Sad to say not many. You could google any bad situation that has already happened to you or looking ahead to be prepared. The bottom line is you will still need to pay for the services of a lawyer. To ask a lawyer a question can cost you upwards of $150 minimum. Hourly rates are often $200 and up. Good lawyers charge even more. They came into existence over 40 years ago.

    Enter LegalShield. It’s founder suffered from a traffic accident and had a huge problem getting compensated. So he devised a plan where individuals could purchase a subscription to have access to a lawyer any time they needed one without having to pay just to talk to one.

    Having access to legal services during working hours and 24/7 in emergencies does indeed provide you with legal protection. If you knew you could call and talk to a lawyer about any situation where you were worried about the legal ramifications without being charged a fee would you take advantage of such a service? I bet you would.

    Let’s compare different protection services

    When you have auto insurance, the idea is to use the benefits as little as possible.

    Would you intentionally get into an accident just to get your money’s worth would you?

    Would you knowingly get ill just to test out your health insurance policy. Right?

    Would you leave your front door open just to check out the benefits of Home Insurance?

    With a Legal Protection service like LegalShield, you are encouraged to use the service as much as possible. You may need to sign a contract and worried about not understanding the fine print. As a LegalShield member you can take advantage of its Legal Protection Services and call your Law Firm who will connect you with a lawyer well versed to handle your particular situation. The company encourages its members to use the services as often as necessary.

    I think you can see the benefits of having access to affordable Legal Protection.

    Who Do You See?

    LegalShield has contracted with top-notch Law Firms in every State. As the laws vary between States this is essential. When you become a LegalShield member a local Law Firm is assigned to serve you. You get VIP treatment. When you call your Law Firm to discuss a problem or need, the assistant takes notes that will be passed along to a lawyer who is best suited to handle your case. You will receive a call from a lawyer within four hours. A case number is assigned and it stays open until the issue is resolved.

    My Experiences

    I wrote about my experiences as a LegalShield member in other blogs on this website. I urge you to check those out. The beauty of LegalShield is in addition of providing Legal Protection it also provides a means to monetize your membership. You have an incredible way to help others and make decent earnings in the process.

    Four Truths of LegalShield

    Check out this short video and get perspectives from others in this business:

    The 4 Truths about LegalShield

    Helping Others

    Would you like to help others get affordable Legal Protection? And get paid for doing something amazing?

    Click this link to this interactive video that will find out what is important to you and help you make the right decisions.

    Learn More Interactively