What Is The Key To Success In Life?

What does SUCCESS mean to you? This is a very personal question. It means different things to different people. We first need to define what success means to us and then figure out what is the key to success that is unique to our definition. Ask yourself: What Is The Key To The Success In Life?

I shall tell you what success means to me and at the end I will reveal what is the key to my success. This may help you to think and determine your key that will unlock the door to your success.

I like to think of success as having the resources to help me leave a legacy. It means having money. Enough to fund a major program described below!

Of course, I would like to afford a large home overlooking the ocean with a sandy beach below. It would be wonderful to own several cars, each for different uses. Like a luxury car, chauffeur driven, to attend special functions. A car that can be driven on rough terrain to explore places off the beaten track. And naturally a coveted sports car that I would like to take to a race track and drive it at speed for fun and exhilaration, with a coach next to me giving me advice for safety!

Although I have traveled extensively, and visited 27 countries in my life, there are more countries I would like to visit. And by first class too!

However, none of these things would help me leave a legacy. When money, or the lack of money is not an issue, just think about the number of things you or I can do to make this world a better place! And that my friends is my burning reason to accumulate wealth. I want to use wealth as a tool to help others make a difference in their lives and by default in our world too. I would like to explore some of these possibilities.

My Legacy – Can I leave this world a little better than I found it?

It excites me to think about all the things I can do if money was not a limitation. What about you?

Children are our future. Isn’t it important to equip them with the tools and the skills along with a work ethic to accomplish amazing things in their lives?

I have made connections with youngsters who have a passion for sports, entertainment, acting, culinary arts, saving our planet and helping animals among other pursuits. It is inspiring to me to think about the positive impact they will have on our planet. We hear a great deal about how kids these days waste all their time playing video games and texting. These kids do too. With one major difference – in moderation. They don’t have the time to waste, because they spend many hours each day honing their skills.

My passion is music. Hence, I have developed friendships with young musicians who are passionate about creating and performing great music. Not all can afford to do this as much as they want to. I know of parents who have made great sacrifices in their lives so that their sons or daughters can pursue their musical careers.

It is a proven fact of life that the study of music can have an impact in academic subjects as well as in many other aspects of a child’s life. Here is a site that talks about the many benefits of musical education in schools

Benefits of Musical Education For Children

When I was a child my mother started me off on piano lessons at the age of 7. What spurred her on to take this action?

She learned to play the violin as a child and became very good at it. Hence she gave not only me but all my siblings the opportunity to learn music.

We were friends with a family who had a piano in their parlor. This was in India and the parlor was only used to entertain guests. One of their daughters was a musician and played the piano. Whenever we visited them I used to sneak off to their parlor and reached up at the keys and tried to play.

Taking these situations into consideration made it easy to enroll me into piano lessons.

Music benefited me immensely. It helped me develop better work habits in academics. For example the understanding of musical notation in order to play,  helped me in Math. Reading about the history of music also helped me to enjoy regular history.

My experience was not unique. It has been proven that all children who learn music develop a better understanding of academic subjects and get to like them too. This makes it easier to excel academically.

Here is an excellent link that goes more deeper into this phenomenon:

The Benefits Of Music Education For Children.

One Of My Goals

Hence it is very reasonable to conclude that if I can foster the musical education of kids I would be having a far greater impact in their lives that goes way beyond music. And that would give me the opportunity to help far more people that I could ever do just through my efforts alone. And it will keep on giving long after I am gone.

I have been thinking about this a great deal. When, and not if, I accumulate great wealth through my online activities, I shall create scholarships for kids to fund their musical education. And they would be substantial amounts for each child.

The right to these scholarships would have to be earned. And that can be made a fun activity for the child. Boring is something that it will not be!

Team of Experts – To help me in the selection process

Although I play the piano and keyboards as a hobby, and earned my piano teaching diploma from The Royal Academy of Music when I was in my early 20s, I also got a degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronics before my piano diploma, and decided that a career in electronics would be the sensible thing to do. I have no regret at all for putting music on the back burner. My engineering career was very exciting and rewarding indeed. As part of a team I designed cockpit displays for military and commercial aircraft that are still flying today. I am retired now and have more time to pursue other activities like developing the knowledge and skills to create an online business. Why not you join me in the same pursuit?

I will create a network of musical specialists to help me in my objective. My musical experience will equip me to ask prospective team members the right questions to help me build a team of like-minded individuals who enjoy music and wish to foster the love of music in children.

Selection Criteria

There are two categories of kids I have in my mind who could benefit from my plan. The first would be kids who have potential in music but do not know it yet because they’ve never tried or been encouraged to do so. The reason is often due to family economic limitations. The second would be kids who do indeed learn music. But their progress is greatly handicapped for family economic reasons too. How do I plan to find the right kids in each of these categories?

  • Sources to find kids suitable for this program.

My target would be schools, boys and girls clubs, religious communities and the use of online methods. An invitation would be sent out to these entities detailing what this program is all about and to get feedback. There will be no cost to the entities involved. Parents would be an integral part of the program and a necessary part of the dialog.

  • Exploratory meetings.

The first objective of these meetings is to educate the parties involved on the program and its goals. Key team members with specialized musical skills and experience will be there to answer any questions. The second objective is to find out if this is a program they can support. It will be made clear that the kids would have to qualify for this program. Details of the qualification process will be presented to them. This process will be developed by the team so it is too early to detail that now.

  • Means Test

Children who are from wealthy homes will only be eligible. for a fair fee. Hence, there will be a means test to decide which families will need to pay and which families wont. The purpose is to level the playing field.


I know there will be many hurdles that we will have to cross. Problems will arise that we would not have thought about before. Anything of value will have problems that must be overcome.

The Ultimate Goal and the Answer to the Title Question

The ultimate goal is to help these kids discover and elevate their musical talent and in the process experience the various benefits of musical education

One of these benefits is the manner in which they will positively impact others through their musical talents.

So what is the key to success in life?

Quite simply, the answer is A LEGACY of MUSIC!

In order to accomplish this goal I know I will have to create significant wealth. I will not do this alone. This will be accomplished with imaginative partners who will respond to my business plan and in the process make money for themselves too. This has got to be a win-win situation for everyone involved in this project.

Isn’t it great to DREAM! I challenge you to


10 thoughts on “What Is The Key To Success In Life?”

  1. Some people are bonded with failures and setbacks because they fail to see or know the key to success in life. Many do not not know the basic things to do to drive in success. While some are chasing the wrong things, others are pushing their energy into the wrong routes. Thanks a million for showing us the key to success 

  2. That’s an awesome article. We need daily motivation to move ahead. Research says 80% of the success depends on our mindset and 20% on other factors like tools, techniques etc.

    You have wonderfully listed out major keys to success, I believe everybody must possess these traits. Also, it shows your own experience with life. People learn from other’s experience better.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post. It will be useful to many.

    • I know I am late in responding, but I want to tell you how much I appreciated your comments.

      Staying focused is the biggest challenge but one I am working hard to maintain.

      All the best to you.


  3. The world is for the dreamers to conquer! A man is not measured by his dollars’ worth rather he’s a measure of his dream. It’s good to dream it’s better to dream realistically and best to work towards achieving dream. A dream without work or plan is a wishful thinking! I admire your dream com plans and wish . I am not rich like you but if at any time you may need anything except cash (for now) I will be glad to help you in realizing this great dream of yours. If half of the world thinks like you it would have been a better place for us all.

    i look forward to reading more on this on this page

    • Hello Sir, we are rich in spirit but sadly not in money. I was laid off from my job just before the last Great Recession. Since it would be a few years before my pensions would kick in, I had to dig into retirement savings. And when I saw that would disappear too soon, I invested the rest in the stock market. I lost it all 10 years ago and haven’t yet made up for that. WA is a great way for me to recoup what I lost. But this time I am dreaming much bigger and have a huge goal to help others. Because I know I will be able to earn even more than I lost using the skills I am learning here. I know you will too. And thanks much for your kind offer to help in ways not involving money. Do you happen to be a musician?

  4. This was an interesting and very self-disclosing and introspective article that I really enjoyed. Like you, I retired from my first profession and rather than kick back to play golf and go fishing, I decided to stay productive in ways that actually may have more of a positive impact than my earlier profession.

    My retirement was 20 years ago now, and in the following years, I have managed to build some businesses and taken part and led activities that help other people. In my case, it is not children, rather the adults that can use some mentoring and advice, and in some cases showing by doing, that I have pursued.

    In your case, you are working to be able to flesh out a dream of helping children, and I do think you are on the right track. There is something magical about music, no matter the genre, no matter the instrument. Each child will find their comfort zone with a different type of instrument or genre, but they will be able to enjoy and grow through the medium in ways they cannot by playing a video game.

    I do wish you well with your new-found passion, and I am sure that with the passion that you so obviously have, you will be able to positively affect many children. That is indeed a legacy and something to strive for. How many of the influential people from long ago are remembered for how much money they may have made? 

    More often, it is their ideas, their programs, their writing, or their actions that people remember. Far better to be remembered for that than for making a bunch of money that you cannot take with you when you inevitably pass on. There is nobody that escapes that!   

    • Dave, I appreciate your wonderful words. Congrats in the work you have done since retirement to help adults in need. Years ago I created a YouTube Channel to feature the music performed by young performers. I attended their shows and made videos of them on stage. I now have over 13,000 subscribers and almost 8 million views. I have plans to use this Channel to showcase the children who benefit from my future plans. Now I need to work hard so I can deliver. I wish you much success in your business ventures.

  5. This is really interesting. But I’m wondering a little about the pricing. Is this an expensive plan or can “anyone” afford it? And do I only pay when I need help or is this some kind of subscription? 
    It would be really nice to have this option. To not feel so alone in difficult situations and get help making the right decisions. 

    • Hi Miss Momo, the program I have in mind will be completely funded by the money I expect to make from my online business. It will be applied in the form of scholarships to children who want to develop their musical skills. Sadly it will not be for adults. The children who come from poor families will not have to pay anything. Those from wealthy families who may be interested will have to pay for their kids. It is too early to figure out what these fees will be. So that will have to wait. Thanks sincerely for the interest you have in this program. 


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