How to Make Money with Network Marketing – Online!

The Paradigm Shift I was referring to in The Truth About MLM Companies is revealed in this page. Consider this an introduction. I will go into more details in future posts.

The following principles and methods apply to any Network Marketing business. I am using LegalShield as an example because I am an Associate in this company.

My website so far has focused mainly on LegalShield. Membership can provide you access to lawyers 24/7 at a very affordable monthly subscription. You have an easy path to resolve your legal issues; to get legal advice before making decisions and signing contracts; as well as giving you peace of mind knowing you have these options.

How to Earn Money in Network Marketing – The Online Way!

Since I am using the principles of affiliate marketing to develop a Network Marketing online business, I thought of sharing what I am doing to help others. If you are struggling to build your business the traditional way meaning talking to lots of people and attending a bunch of meetings, taking guests with you, then this may be a good alternative.

Since I am an Associate of LegalShield, I shall be using this company as an example. The principles apply to any MLM business that is promoting any product or service. If some of what I say is well known to you I beg your patience.

No matter what company you represent, when a customer buys your product or service, you earn a commission. How cool is that? Much like affiliate marketing, right? In any MLM company you must first enroll as an Independent Representative to qualify for commissions. In LegalShield the term Associate is used instead. In other words, just being a customer does not qualify you to earn money promoting the business. In some ways it is like a franchise but the cost of entry is affordable to the average person.

Your company will provide you with your own business site that gives you the online tools to build a successful money making business. These tools can be used manually. Or you can automate the process by leveraging your own website you create here.

Think Differently

The old way to build a network marketing business was to talk to any and everyone to encourage them to join your network. And then to train them to do the same. In time you hope all will go well and you will have a network of associates all working hard to market the products and services, creating a stream of income flowing into their’s and your account too.

If you like doing this, it could work. People have done this for ages and have earned a lot of money in the process.

But what if you have fears that you would botch this up? And you turn your family and friends off!

It is time to think DIFFERENTLY! You can create a thriving business using the Internet. Here’s how in a nutshell.

Create Your Own Website – To provide solutions instead of selling!

You’re probably thinking you have no idea how to do that. Or if you have, you’re wondering how could you direct traffic of prospective customers and business partners to your website.

There is a way.

The fact that you have landed on my website shows that it can be done. And I am going to let you find out for yourself. If you happen to be a techie and already know the ropes, then you are ahead of the game. I still recommend reading what I have to say because the methods you use must combine Hi-Tech with Hi-Touch. Meaning you have to create valuable content that will keep visitors on your site long enough to make an informed decision.

How would you like to check for FREE the methods I am using? Not only that, you will have the option of getting started on your very own website right away! At the end of this post I promise to reveal the secret on how to do that.

But first, there are a few critical points I learned I want to share with you.

The Magic of Providing Valuable Content

People are always searching online for solution to problems they have. I have chosen a niche where I help individuals to obtain legal protection from a variety of things that can go wrong in their lives. I hope you have checked out some of my posts on this site that will give you an idea of what I mean. Just in case you haven’t, here is a link to one of my posts that highlights several problem areas that people face. Typical Legal Problems

No matter what company you represent, you can find solutions to problems people have, using your products or services. Ask questions on your website to help your prospects discover this for themselves. And not any solution. But the most optimum solution possible provided by YOUR company!

Become a problem solver. Not a salesperson. People like to buy. Not sold. Give them options to make a wise buying decision.

Building Your Network – through education

Once these prospects go to your website you will educate them about your products and services. Emphasize the myriad of issues that will be solved by using specific items that apply to them. Then create links that will transport your prospects directly to your marketing website provided by your company that will have relevant and helpful information.

Here are some ideas that you can consider providing compelling information to your prospects for popular products marketed.

Nutritional Supplements – how they provide specific health benefits

I am sure your company provides details on this topic. I suggest you use that to whet the appetite of your prospects using your own website first. In this way they will feel that you care and are knowledgeable enough to help them. This is the time to include strategic links that will take your prospect to the location where they can learn more as well as make purchases.

Even if they do not make a purchase at this time your system will have collected their contact information that you can use to put them into your Customer Relationship Manager. Here the system will periodically send them informative messages that will lead them to make a purchase. When you check out your examples I am sure you will find many examples of being the recipient of informational messages. Most will not take action. However, there will be a percentage of recipients where this information will mean something to them. If this copy is put together well, the probability is high they will be interested enough to come back again or even make a purchase.

Beauty and Energy Products – how to create a vibrant persona

The same argument for Nutritional Supplements apply here. In may cases these two product lines are promoted by the same company. Unlike supplements that provide long term health benefits, beauty and energy products provide immediate results. This resonates with a lot of people. I assume that your company has a unique selling proposition in their products that separates them from their competitors. Use this information to drive home a great reason why your prospect should buy from you. Do this in combination with providing solutions they are looking for.

What are the Main Objectives of Your Website?

  1. Created to land on Page 1 of the major search engines
  2. Choc full of valuable content that will be absorbing enough to keep your visitors engaged
  3. Makes it easy for your visitors to make an informed decision to BUY
  4. Once this decision is made, lead your prospects to your company site to complete the purchase
  5. Keep track of traffic activity on your website so that you can make decision to increase efficiency
  6. Educate your prospects about the opportunity to make money doing what you do
  7. Provide them with the path to create their own business website


Your company has its own brand. This is great for them. What about YOU? Prospects can go to any Independent Representative of your company. Why should they chose YOU?

Here is where you MUST create a brand that is uniquely YOU and stands out from the crowd. You have to provide exceptional value that will keep them coming back. And tell their friends the goldmine that they have discovered that they need to check out too.

My Promise – The Secret!

You can review the system that I use at no cost to you. In fact, when you sign in NO CREDIT CARD is required. All that is required is a valid Email address. And if you decide that this is not for you, there is no harm no foul.

Drum Roll Please!

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I wish you happy exploring. Check out every detail. Rather than me telling you more, you can learn everything you need to know at this site. Then decide if this is the way for you to attract customers and prospects to grow YOUR business.

You deserve every success in the world. Go get it!

I would appreciate any comments or questions on this subject matter. I will reply within a day of reading what you wrote.


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