The Benefits of LegalShield In Detail

I’ve talked a lot about how I have experienced the benefits of LegalShield, it is time that I shared the details. When you read about the benefits I would love to get feedback from you in the comments section below on having unlimited access to lawyers for a low monthly fee instead of paying upwards of $200 an hour to talk to a lawyer to help you resolve a legal problem.

LegalShield Mobile App

The best way to do this is by referring to the menu system of the  LegalShield mobile app. When you become a member you can download this free valuable app on either an iOS or Android mobile device. You will see a new ICON with the letter L inside as shown above. Clicking it will reveal your plan number and other important information at your fingertips!

Front Page of Benefits

When you click on the L Mobile Icon a new page appears that provides easy access to your Law Firm and a button to take a snap of your speeding ticket if you are pulled over by a cop and given a ticket.

At the top is a link to the LegalShield Plan Info. When you click that you are shown a list of services that are covered.

Covered Services

    • Advice/Consultation/Representation
    • Documentation Preparation
    • Motor Vehicle Services
    • Family Matters
    • IRS Audit Services
    • 25% Discount Services
    • Emergency Access 24/7
    • Additional Services
    • Will Preparation
    • MEMBER Perks

When you click the above menu items the following details are provided for each of the above line items that I share below


    • Advice and Consultation 
    • Letters and Phone Calls 
    • Personal Document Review 
    • Trial Defense 

Document Preparation

    • Standard Will Preparation
    • Health Cars and Power of Attorney
    • Living Will

Motor Vehicle Services

    • Moving Traffic Violations
    • Accidents

Family Matters

    • Uncontested Name Change Assistance
    • Uncontested Adoption Representation
    • Uncontested Separation Representation
    • Uncontested Divorce Representation 

IRS Audit Services

    • Starts on the first complete year of membership
    • Up to 50 hours of Provider Law Firm time

Non-covered services

    • 25% Discount Services for legal coverage extending plan coverage

Emergency Access

    • If you are arrested or detained 

Additional Services

    • Warranty Assistance
    • Lease
    • Agreement Review
    • Help Contacting Government Agencies
    • Debt Collection Assistance
    • Tenant Legal Advice
    • Small Claims Court Advice
    • Estate Settlement Advice
    • Consumer Protection Benefits

Member Perks – Discounts from major companies

The above is a general overview of a benefit included in a LegalShield Membership. Specific information is in the member contract.

Compare the following:
A typical monthly retainer for  an attorney is $500
LegalShield monthly family plan is $24.95

In today’s environment, we have many reasons to need the services of an attorney. The main reason we do not follow through is the fear of having to pay the attorney fees of more than $200 per hour.

What if you had access to an attorney to consult with no additional fee other than your low monthly subscription, wouldn’t you like to level the playing field with those who can afford these high fees?

LegalShield provides a way to do that. It is like legal insurance. Unlike auto insurance, the more you use it your premiums get raised, with LegalShield you are encouraged to use the services often with no change to the monthly fee.

Why not click the link below and become a member today?

LegalShield Membership Application

While you are registering for legal protection you may also want to consider Identity Theft Protection. A ID Theft family plan is also $24.95

I will review the Identity Theft Protection Plan in an upcoming post.

I highly recommend you review your life situation at the moment and make a list of areas you would like to get legal advice on. I created a post to help you review your options at:

How To Live A Stress Free and Happy Life In One Way You Never Thought Possible


What should I do the rest of my life?

How often do you ask yourself what should you do the rest of your life? When I was younger I wish I had asked myself this question. Instead I just meandered through life allowing my future to be decided by circumstance. Sure I made major decisions. They were not made in the context of the question what should I do the rest of my life. The goal is to help make hard decisions about the future.

What am I doing with my life right now?

This is the question that we should ask first. We all need a frame of reference that can be used to measure the gap between these two questions. You may find out that what you are doing right now is exactly what you had planned. If so then that is awesome. What if it is not? Or what if you decide you need to move on from were you are now?

Get a pen and paper, your computer or mobile device and start writing. Write in great detail exactly what you are currently doing to spend your time each day. Each week. Each month. And even each year!

Read this carefully. Then ask yourself, is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?

Now is the time to ask the question, what should I do the rest of my life?

A different way to look at this question

Instead of thinking what do you want to do for the rest of your life consider this instead. What would you like to achieve in the future? In what way would you like to impact not only your life but also the lives of your loved ones, friends and associates?

Is what you are doing or would like to do going to make your life better?

Is it going to make the lives of others better?

Rather than living for the moment have you thought about leaving a legacy when you pass on? I do not mean to be morbid. I only bring this up because I suggest you think about ways you can leave your world a better place compared to where you are now.

If money was not a factor what would you enjoy doing every day?

Here’s the problem. Most of us have jobs for the sole purpose of financing our daily lives. We need money to pay the bills. Save for emergencies. Maybe even to pay to do something for fun!

The term to live within our means has been used as good advice. Think about this. Is that really the case?

If your means happens to be paltry, will you be able to afford all the things you would like to do? What do most people do in this situation?

They borrow money through credit cards and loans to finance activities today that must be paid with future earnings. Our consumer based society helps us create a noose around our freedom.  We like to think we are free. But our freedom is limited by our ability do pay for what we would really like to do.

The catch for high income earners

I said above that in order to be truly free we need to have the means to pay for the things we want. Do you think that high income earners like doctors or lawyers have it easy? Think again!

Individuals in high paying jobs only get paid when they work. No work, no pay. And boy do they put in the hours, 50 to 60 hours a week. They are trapped by their careers. All the luxuries in life they can buy will not give them the time they need to enjoy what they own.

Worse yet. They can’t take off in a trip whenever they want to. Their families can only enjoy being with them in small increments if at all.

The harsh reality of life

Visualize a Bell Curve distribution of the population. Approximately 10% falls under the left edge of the curve. Another 10% falls on the right edge. The remaining 80% lie in the middle.

Most of us fall in the middle. We have jobs and are often stuck. We are dependent on our livelihood upon the companies we work for. And have you tried getting a raise or a promotion? These are hard to come by. And when you do succeed, does your pay jump up by a lot? The irony is you are expected to work much harder and achieve greater results in gratitude for the modest increase in pay you will be getting.

Doesn’t seem fair does it? Here’s a cold hard fact. Nobody promised you that life would be fair. If you live in the US, the Constitution only guarantees us the freedom to pursue happiness. Not happiness itself.

What about the 10% on the left? Sadly they happen to be in a group that for various reasons got left behind. The poor and helpless fall into this 10%. In some areas this number may even be higher.

It is the 10% on the right edge who do  not have jobs like the rest of us. Let’s look at this 10% in more detail.

Building an ASSET vs Working in a JOB

An Asset may take a while to create. Such as writing a book, acting in a movie, or investing in real estate or the financial markets. When you create or own an asset it keeps paying you whether you work at it or not.It may take some time to build that asset to a level where it can pay you. Often while you are building your asset you do not get paid until it is complete.

The wealthy fall into the asset owning category.

In a job, we trade hours for money. With an asset, you trade money for hours. Owning a money generating asset gives you free time all the time!

How do we build an asset and fire your boss?

The best way to do that today is by using the Internet through Affiliate Marketing.

You would think that major companies like Amazon, Walmart and Nike do not need our help to make sales. Sales and profits are KING. And they will do whatever it takes to grow these numbers.

That is why they allow anyone to sign up with them to market their products independently. The incentive they give is a percentage of the sale price. The customer pays the same price no matter if they purchased directly from the company’s website. Or through the website of an Affiliate Marketeer. Isn’t that cool?

Affiliate marketers are able to help customers find solutions to various problems through helpful reviews and tips using their own websites that are structured to showcase the products discussed.

By selecting a niche, it is possible for an affiliate marketeer to provide engaging articles within their niche. Hence it is helpful if you selected a niche that you were an expert in as well as passionate about.

For example, you could be passionate about fitness. In this niche you could market fitness equipment, exercise programs, healthy eating and many more. However, it works best by narrowing the niche to one of these areas and projecting yourself as the expert.

There are many elements in building a successful online  business. I’ll mention just one as an example. You will need to get enough traffic to view your website in order to make sales.

How would you like to see how it is done for free? All you’ll need to do is to click the link below and enter your email address. You will be transported to an amazing world where you can get trained to make affiliate marketing a money making tool! Welcome to my world of passive income!

Learn all about affiliate marketing for free

I’ll see you on the other side!

I’ve scattered several vacation shots taken by me to show you places you can travel to when you have time freedom in your life!




LegalShield Customer Reviews

Why just listen to what I say about the service provided by LegalShield. Listen to what some of its customers are saying below. Their situations cover a wide range of issues. I am sure you can find one or more you can relate to.

Real Estate – Frank of Lynbrook, NY

“I have had LegalShield for years. I have used it for my will and to get it updated over five times which is included in my monthly fee. But my greatest experience was when I had to retain an attorney regarding a lawsuit. They picked up my case in 2017 regarding a real estate deficiency claim from Florida. I was being sued for over $100k. I had a previous “non LegalShield” attorney who took thousands from me and I found out got disbarred due to negligence. Frantically I called LegalShield. I am in NY but the suit was in Florida. My LegalShield attorney was very patient, sincere and helpful. The issue was a five year one from being initially served in 2014. To make a long story short, it went to trial in February 2018. How did I feel when my attorney called me at home that morning to say “You won”? There are no words. I have only had positive experiences.”

No Lawyers Fee Needed – A.J. Huntington Beach, CA

“Every time I call LegalShield, I get advice that is otherwise not available. There is no lawyer who wants to give advice for a fee and the advice and services are completely priceless. With LegalShield, I can call about any issue and have an attorney call me back in 4 business hours or less. Incredible! While most of the reviews are positive, I am always curious about the bad ones. How could anyone have a bad review? It is clear that almost every bad review is because someone didn’t explain the services properly. When people feel misled, they make a complaint. For me, the membership has helped me so many times I couldn’t imagine not having my LegalShield membership.”

Prompt Response – Kristy, Dubuque, IA

“Atty. Steve ** was very prompt in returning my call and providing expert advice on my situation. I highly recommend LegalShield to everyone out there. It’s very affordable and provides peace of mind. The process is simple and non-intimidating.”

Peace of Mind – Karen W.

“I have been a LegalShield member for 1 year now. So, far I have made calls about various situations that I had needed Legal advice on and I have been very pleased. This service has helped a lot people that I know, also. I have peace of mind knowing I have this service.”

Child Custody – Keverick S. Goldsboro, NC

“I have been a LegalShield member for over a decade. I have used the services more than 10 times from child custody to disputes with car manufacturers. I am absolutely pleased with the results each time. I am a proud single parent of a young lady. LegalShield allowed me to bring my baby to a solid family life.”

Emergency Services – Willie, East Orange, NJ

“LegalShield has been a tremendous blessing to our family with the 24/7 Emergency Services during a being stopped late at night while out of town. Also with preparing my wife and I WILLS and document reviews. The Provider Law Firms are very helpful. To know that we have access to an Attorney with the use of a Mobile App means a lot to our family.”

Saved Lots of Money – T.M. Cincinnati, OH

Follow through with what they claim. Saved me a boat load of money over legal concerns. I feel at peace.

Affordable Service – Nic R. Minneapolis, MN

“This service is very affordable and easy to use. We updated our wills and were very happy with how quick and easy it was.”

Contract Issues – Carol K. Sacramento, CA

“My family has had Legal Shield way back when it was first known as Pre-Paid Legal! We have used their services countless time and in all cases we have been more than satisfied with the results! Most recently I contacted an attorney about a contract my husband and I signed when we were both ill… I already knew the answer – but I needed confirmation. I didn’t like the answer I got (I wasn’t happy with it) but I knew that it was the correct answer. This organization has saved my family many times! I am very glad to have it.”

Member for Life – Jeff, Hampstead, NC

“Simply the best, been a member since the 80’s saved thousands of dollars over the years!!!!! Anyone with normal intelligence that sees this program and understands the benefits will be a member for life!”

Medical Dispute Resolution – Jane, Berwyn, PA

“Me and my family have been a member now for 4 years. It has saved me/us so much money and stress. When my kids were in college it gave me peace of mind. I personally have used my provider law firm for my divorce, contract reviews, red light traffic violation, unlimited consultations and I save money on member discounts. Most recently a letter was written over a medical dispute. I went to a foot doctor for an infection. When the bill arrived, I was charged $810 for treatment I never received. I called the office 3xs to speak to the billing assistant and only got thru once. Despite my efforts, she would not budget and insisted I had a procedure that never happen. Within weeks, I received a notice it was going to a collection agency. That is when I called my provider law firm. I spoke to my attorney and he wrote a letter on my behalf pointing out if a test was negative, xyz wasn’t needed. I then received another bill and they had deducted $617 to which my lawyer sent another letter stating that in PA, the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law 73 P.S. 201-1 – 201-9.2 prohibits deceptive business practices such as this. I paid my amended bill for $193 for services rendered. Needless to say I never heard from them again nor did a collection agency come after me and ruin my good credit rating. Thank you LegalShield!”

Family Protection – April W. Aliso Viejo, CA

“I have been a happy member for 6 months. I have found many situations regarding employment, taxes and HOA to name a few where having the ability to consult an attorney was extremely helpful. My father uses his small biz membership for his corporation and it has saved him thousands in attorney fees over the years. Everyone has trivial legal matters and questions come up all the time they just may not realize it because they don’t think they can call an attorney. With LegalShield our family feels protected and at ease knowing we have a team of dedicated attorneys on our side.”

Multiple Simultaneous Issues – Orion P. Hurricane, UT

“I had three different legal issues to check on in one day :/ One was for a membership to a gym only a $30 issue. The second one was for a debt collector harassing me on a 12 year old debt I paid and the third was on a document review for my concealed weapons permit. These were all everyday situations I needed some good advice on. I called LegalShield at 12:00PM and by 2:00PM that same day I had received a call back from not 1 or 2 but 3 separate attorneys that were experienced in those areas! 3 Attorneys, 3 Problems ALL resolved in less than 2 hours for only $20.00? That was diabolical! Thanks.”

Court Representation – Cheryl P. Las Vegas, NV

“Legal Shield has always helped us with questions over the years and have been very helpful. This year we are using them in a court case and we are very pleased. We had accumulated hours to help pay lawyer fees and court costs. Great service. Thank you. I would recommend it to every one.”

Recognizes the Value – Glen A. Conroe, TX

“LegalShield offers a truly remarkable service. My regret is I was not aware of this service years ago. Would have saved me thousands of dollars, hours of time, and needless aggravation. Simple choice – $250 hour (without) or $20 per month (with) for legal advice.”

Saved $3000! – Steve, Warren, OH

“My LegalShield attorney saved me $3000 by winning my legal case. Only cost me $17 a month to have such great representation.”

Identity Theft – Shawn J. Naperville, IL

“I have saved thousands of dollars and avoided a horrific identity theft situation! Thanks LegalShield”

How would you like to have your problems resolved the LegalShield Way?

Contact me to get started before you need legal assistance. If you wait, it could cost you more than you can imagine!

If you prefer, you can sign on by yourself through this link.

A choice of membership options will be provided to you. From Individual, Family and Small Business. There is also an Identity Theft Option that I highly recommend. A Family Plan that covers both, Legal and Identity Theft Protection costs less than $50 per month. When you consider that Lawyers can cost upward of $250 an hour, you would be wise to select this route.

Once you’re in you can call your Law Firm as often as you wish to discuss any matter than could have legal consequences. And you won’t have to worry about paying hourly fees!

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Just Email me at and put LegalShield Question in the Subject Line. I shall get back to you within 24 hours.

I wish you a Safe and Stress Free Life.