The Benefits of LegalShield In Detail

I’ve talked a lot about how I have experienced the benefits of LegalShield, it is time that I shared the details. When you read about the benefits I would love to get feedback from you in the comments section below on having unlimited access to lawyers for a low monthly fee instead of paying upwards of $200 an hour to talk to a lawyer to help you resolve a legal problem.

LegalShield Mobile App

The best way to do this is by referring to the menu system of the  LegalShield mobile app. When you become a member you can download this free valuable app on either an iOS or Android mobile device. You will see a new ICON with the letter L inside as shown above. Clicking it will reveal your plan number and other important information at your fingertips!

Front Page of Benefits

When you click on the L Mobile Icon a new page appears that provides easy access to your Law Firm and a button to take a snap of your speeding ticket if you are pulled over by a cop and given a ticket.

At the top is a link to the LegalShield Plan Info. When you click that you are shown a list of services that are covered.

Covered Services

    • Advice/Consultation/Representation
    • Documentation Preparation
    • Motor Vehicle Services
    • Family Matters
    • IRS Audit Services
    • 25% Discount Services
    • Emergency Access 24/7
    • Additional Services
    • Will Preparation
    • MEMBER Perks

When you click the above menu items the following details are provided for each of the above line items that I share below


    • Advice and Consultation 
    • Letters and Phone Calls 
    • Personal Document Review 
    • Trial Defense 

Document Preparation

    • Standard Will Preparation
    • Health Cars and Power of Attorney
    • Living Will

Motor Vehicle Services

    • Moving Traffic Violations
    • Accidents

Family Matters

    • Uncontested Name Change Assistance
    • Uncontested Adoption Representation
    • Uncontested Separation Representation
    • Uncontested Divorce Representation 

IRS Audit Services

    • Starts on the first complete year of membership
    • Up to 50 hours of Provider Law Firm time

Non-covered services

    • 25% Discount Services for legal coverage extending plan coverage

Emergency Access

    • If you are arrested or detained 

Additional Services

    • Warranty Assistance
    • Lease
    • Agreement Review
    • Help Contacting Government Agencies
    • Debt Collection Assistance
    • Tenant Legal Advice
    • Small Claims Court Advice
    • Estate Settlement Advice
    • Consumer Protection Benefits

Member Perks – Discounts from major companies

The above is a general overview of a benefit included in a LegalShield Membership. Specific information is in the member contract.

Compare the following:
A typical monthly retainer for  an attorney is $500
LegalShield monthly family plan is $24.95

In today’s environment, we have many reasons to need the services of an attorney. The main reason we do not follow through is the fear of having to pay the attorney fees of more than $200 per hour.

What if you had access to an attorney to consult with no additional fee other than your low monthly subscription, wouldn’t you like to level the playing field with those who can afford these high fees?

LegalShield provides a way to do that. It is like legal insurance. Unlike auto insurance, the more you use it your premiums get raised, with LegalShield you are encouraged to use the services often with no change to the monthly fee.

Why not click the link below and become a member today?

LegalShield Membership Application

While you are registering for legal protection you may also want to consider Identity Theft Protection. A ID Theft family plan is also $24.95

I will review the Identity Theft Protection Plan in an upcoming post.

I highly recommend you review your life situation at the moment and make a list of areas you would like to get legal advice on. I created a post to help you review your options at:

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