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Car Crash

You’re In A Car Accident! – What Do You Do?

I can’t give you advice on what you should do. Frankly I am not qualified and do not want to make assumptions. However, I will tell you what I would do. If I have passengers I would check to make sure they are safe. I would ask the driver of the other car how they and their passengers are doing. If there are any injuries I would call 911 immediately.

If nobody is injured I would hit a button on my smart phone that has the letter L on a shield. I would immediately be connected to my Law Firm who I would give the details of the accident. They would then connect me with a lawyer.And not any lawyer. They would find a Car Accident Lawyer. Someone who specialized in situations like this, who would give me advice on not only what to say and do but also what not to say and do. They are the experts and want to protect my rights and prevent me from making a bad situation worse.

Actions usually necessary are to call law enforcement if the damage appears to be above a certain minimum. Another would be to exchange personal and auto insurance information.

If I had no access to legal assistance I would be petrified. With a lawyer on my side I would have peace of mind knowing that someone else will be looking out for me.

Heavens forbid if the accident was much worse and the car damages were substantial. Worse yet, what if there were injuries involved? I hate to say this, a fatality? Having a lawyer handle the situation for me would be invaluable.

How would you like to have immediate access to a lawyer using an app on your mobile phone? Wouldn’t that minimize the worry from this terrible situation?

Safe, defensive driving is the best policy.

I sincerely hope you never have to face a situation like this. We accept the fact we need auto insurance as is required by law. That benefit only protects you from financial damages. What if charges are filed against you? What would you do? The options you would have without a lawyer on your side before this happens are not good.

The following video is a good example of one situation where legal representation can make more than a difference. In this example the Law Firm is Parker Stanbury who provides service for the State of California. Every State has their own Law Firm.

How a LegalShield Law Firm can work for you

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Traffic Tickets

Busy Highway

While we are discussing traffic I got another question for you. What do you do after getting a traffic ticket for speeding or anything else? If you haven’t got any traffic tickets congratulations! Keep up that great record. My question is directed to those who have. I guess you either pay the fine or go to court to contest the charge.

Here’s what I do. Yes I admit that I have got traffic tickets mainly for speeding. A few years ago when I had a job where I had to drive a lot it happened. But when I do, I take a picture of the traffic citation and Email that to my Law Firm. The lawyer will advise me the best course of action I should take. If I need to make a court appearance they will do that for me without me having to appear. As my lawyer they have my power of attorney to represent me in court. On one occasion the lawyer got a better deal for me that saved me having my license suspended.

The cost to me was no more than my low monthly subscription fee. Can you even imagine how beneficial this can be? It saves you having to take time off work that could cause other problems. Would you like to have a service like this?

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Other Benefits

While we’re talking I thought I’d bring up a couple of other benefits.

It is tax season. Do you dread working on your taxes? What if you make a mistake. What if you are called in for an audit? A letter from the IRS can do strange things to your life. How would you like it if a tax attorney was with you to help you navigate the IRS audit? This is another benefit that could save you big bucks as well as help giving you peace of mind knowing that an expert will be there with you.

If you’re an home owner who wants to rent out your property you can have your Law Firm draw up a lease agreement that protects you in that deal. And if your tenants give you problems you have an attorney who can help you address that situation.

In fact whenever you need advice on anything that involves your rights you can call your Law Firm and have a lawyer whose an expert in that field call you within 4 hours.

I have provided you with a lot of information. If you have questions about anything please leave them in the comments section below. Or if you want to make comments or observations please ket me know. If the comments section is not present click the appropriate post in the right margin to reveal the comment window.

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