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I joined LegalShield as a member many years ago. In the following pages I share my personal experiences on how I benefited immensely by the service.

In addition to providing legal services you have the option for top-notch identity protection. Rather than getting the details from me I invite you to click the link below and check out what LegalShield has to offer.


Off course if you have any questions you can contact me by entering questions in the feedback window below. I also would love to hear from you by email or phone:


Phone: (818) 554-0007

If I am not available when you phone me leave me a message stating it is related to LegalShield and I will get back to you as soon as possible in the same day.

I hope you become a valued member and try out the service. I assure you the Law Firm assigned to help you will give you VIP treatment. That has been my experience. I suggest you make use of their services right away. I recommend you have them create your will. This is a sensitive topic and one we like to put off. Why don’t you get this out of the way so you din5 have to worry about it until you need to make changes. This is one of the many benefits that is included with your membership.

When you review the other services I am sure you will find other ways where you can use a lawyer to give you peace of mind.

Get Paid by LegalShield

Once you experience the benefits you may want to share LegalShield with others. If you do so you will get paid a commission if they become a member. If you so desire you can create a valuable stream of residual income that in time could replace your salary.

Check this video out to find out more: Be The Change

Contact me with any questions you may have via Email or in the Comments window below. If this window is missing, please click the subject matter on the right margin to reveal the comments window.

I am here to be of service to you.


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