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What is a Legal Protection Service?

Most humans do not like disasters of any kind. That is why we have Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Accident Insurance, Life Insurance, Theft Insurance, and so on and so forth. List all the insurance plans you have that protect you from the unthinkable happening.

One of the biggest weaknesses we have is being exposed to others taking advantage of us in various forms. Since we are usually not familiar with the Law, we often do not do anything to protect our rights.

However, wealthy individuals are well aware of the importance of legal protection and more often than not have one or more lawyers under retainers. Over time, it costs them a bundle. Their actions are proactive too. Rather than waiting for bad things to happen they put legal mechanisms in place to protect their rights before their rights are violated.

What Options are available to individuals who are not wealthy?

Sad to say not many. You could google any bad situation that has already happened to you or looking ahead to be prepared. The bottom line is you will still need to pay for the services of a lawyer. To ask a lawyer a question can cost you upwards of $150 minimum. Hourly rates are often $200 and up. Good lawyers charge even more. They came into existence over 40 years ago.

Enter LegalShield. It’s founder suffered from a traffic accident and had a huge problem getting compensated. So he devised a plan where individuals could purchase a subscription to have access to a lawyer any time they needed one without having to pay just to talk to one.

Having access to legal services during working hours and 24/7 in emergencies does indeed provide you with legal protection. If you knew you could call and talk to a lawyer about any situation where you were worried about the legal ramifications without being charged a fee would you take advantage of such a service? I bet you would.

Let’s compare different protection services

When you have auto insurance, the idea is to use the benefits as little as possible.

Would you intentionally get into an accident just to get your money’s worth would you?

Would you knowingly get ill just to test out your health insurance policy. Right?

Would you leave your front door open just to check out the benefits of Home Insurance?

With a Legal Protection service like LegalShield, you are encouraged to use the service as much as possible. You may need to sign a contract and worried about not understanding the fine print. As a LegalShield member you can take advantage of its Legal Protection Services and call your Law Firm who will connect you with a lawyer well versed to handle your particular situation. The company encourages its members to use the services as often as necessary.

I think you can see the benefits of having access to affordable Legal Protection.

Who Do You See?

LegalShield has contracted with top-notch Law Firms in every State. As the laws vary between States this is essential. When you become a LegalShield member a local Law Firm is assigned to serve you. You get VIP treatment. When you call your Law Firm to discuss a problem or need, the assistant takes notes that will be passed along to a lawyer who is best suited to handle your case. You will receive a call from a lawyer within four hours. A case number is assigned and it stays open until the issue is resolved.

My Experiences

I wrote about my experiences as a LegalShield member in other blogs on this website. I urge you to check those out. The beauty of LegalShield is in addition of providing Legal Protection it also provides a means to monetize your membership. You have an incredible way to help others and make decent earnings in the process.

Four Truths of LegalShield

Check out this short video and get perspectives from others in this business:

The 4 Truths about LegalShield

Helping Others

Would you like to help others get affordable Legal Protection? And get paid for doing something amazing?

Click this link to this interactive video that will find out what is important to you and help you make the right decisions.

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4 thoughts on “Legal Protection Services”

  1. oh I never knew we could sign up for legal protection services the way we do health insurances and such. I think it’s a great convenience because we never know when we have need for some legal advice and the average person has the impression that they would be costly.

    To offer it at an affordable rate for the ordinary person is actually a comforting thought.

    Thank you for the information.

    • Hi Cath, shame on my for not responding to you sooner. Glad you found my site helpful. Life is too short so anything that can reduce stress is a plus. If you have any questions, please ask.

      In the meantime, enjoy life as much as you can.


  2. It appears LegalShield is a good option and I agree that for anything one might not understand in contractual language, just to name a single situation, or anything, would be a great go-to. I would also encourage others to use benefits and services from insurance companies as much as possible since we’re paying monthly subscriptions for such services. I think LegalShield is a new innovative wave into the insurance market and who knows, they might drive the market toward this.

    • Hi Todd, glad you found my site interesting. You are correct in that LegalShield has encouraged others to enter this field. However, since they have been offering this benefit for almost 45 years they have a great history of success that goes a long way.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



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